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Beware Of These 5 Accounts
Scam Methods To Protect Yourself

As gamers, we know it is frustrated to look for a trusted store to buy your game account since the market is full of scammers.

First, we will talk about how many types of Gacha game accounts out there. Then, after that, we will dive deep into the top 5 practices scammer use to scam your account.

So the first part, how many types of Gacha Accounts out there & the differences between them?
The answer is there are
3 main types of Gacha Game Accounts: Sync Code, Google Play & Facebook.

User Name & Password These are accounts that are not linked to any email, simply an account that hasn’t been touching anything related to security. This is the very first account you first play the game and only contains ID & Password. Thus, this is the safest type of account to use for Buy/Sell/Trade.

Google Account: Simply binding with Google & Log in with Google Account

Facebook Account: Simply binding with Facebook & Log in with Facebook Account

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Top 5 Traps Scammers are using to scam buyers.

1: Seller sold a Stolen account and was recovered by the original owner
Most of us are aware of this approach; the account market is rife with con artists these days. Statistics suggest that around 80% of the accounts on the market were stolen. Please accept my condolences if you have previously experienced this. I understand how you felt.

This is the most typical tactic used by scammers. For example, suppose you spend $100 on an account. The original account owner (scammer) will contact customer service and claim that his account was hacked, and he will provide the developer with his id numbers, proof of purchase, receipt, and so on, in order for the developer to reclaim the account from you.

3: Refund in-game purchase
This technique of scamming is trickier, as it occurs after you purchase your account from another individual. First and foremost, that person earns money by selling the account to you. Then, after a few days, he will request a chargeback from the developer (let's suppose he recently purchased 6000 gems for $60 before selling the account to you). Simply because he has left the game and has not utilized all of the gems on his account. So he files a chargeback to reclaim his $60. As a result, the developer will ban his account, which is now your account because you only recently purchased it.

4: Creditcard chargeback
This will result in account banning as well. This happened because the original owner of the game account has used illegal services such as buying in-game currencies at a cheaper price compare to the price of the game developer (Top-up, recharge). How is this possible? It is because most of the Top-up services are using stolen credit cards from people. And after the real owner of the card found out someone is using their credit card illegally, they will issue a chargeback from the bank. Result? The game account that was using top-up service is banned. And if you just bought your game account from that person, your account is gone, along with your money.

5: account data is not deleted after buying
This is the trickiest of all. This means that after purchased your game account from a seller, and you received everything from id, password, recovery email, etc… And everything was great until a week later. You logged in and found out that someone has logged into your account and used all your in-game resources. This happened because of some mobile games, even after you already transferred your account to another person. Your data, it still hasn’t deleted from the phone yet. That means even the seller sold their game account to you, they can still log in from their phone. So, it is only safe to trade if you know the seller will delete the game data from the phone after trading the account to you.

How to safely Buy/Sell/Trade Gacha Game Accounts


For Buyer, the safest type of Account is Sync Code Account. It only contains ID & Password. Once Sellers handle the code for you and you logged in, the seller will automatically get disconnected. There is no recovery back with Sync Code Account. You can later bind your Social Media like Google, Facebook account and you have fully secured the account.

For Gmail Linked /Facebook Linked or other Social Media, this is the most unsafe method. Require trust in seller reputation or Middleman to be least. Emails can be recovered by the Original Owner. Meaning, if they want to scam, they can recover the email attached to Stove Accounts. Thus, the password as well. The most common is Gmail. This type of account requires a series of long security checks: email recovery, phone change, 2 step verification, name change on the Gmail itself. Recommending Middleman for first-time buyers or reputation sellers. They can help you secure the account if you never have experience with Gmail-type accounts. Though it can be time-consuming if you use middle man service and after the transaction is done, you will need to give them a cut.


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Since we created Setsunaepic in 2017, we are proud to become the most trusted store on Gacha gaming with over 33000 happy customers and over 6516 five stars reviews on Epicnpc.

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Our “Call Us Crazy” Guarantee

We 100% Guarantee If your payment is processed and we failed to deliver our promise. We will let you keep the account for free.

We will even take it one step further…

If our products are not as advertised, and somehow you are banned because of our sides, we will even compensate you for a new account!

That’s right, our store offers a warranty on our products. Since we want to maintain our reputation as the safest Gacha account store.


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  • Delivery Time
    The Account information will be sent to your order/payment email within 24 Hours after confirming your order. Please make sure your email is able to receive emails. In the event we are unable to process your order, we are fully obliged to completely refund your order. If you don't receive your order within 24 hours, please contact customer support. Please check your Spam/Junk folders , in some case your email mark our message as spam and move to these folders.
  • I did not receive my product within 24 hours.  What should I do?
    The product email will be sent to your Order Email. Please check your Junk/Spam Folder as well as double check your Order Email. If you typed wrong your email, our email that sent to you will not be able to reach you. Typical Mistake: - This email missing letter l and not existed youremailhere@gmail.con- This email here is not existed Also please check if your mail is full. There are many cases your email is not able to receive any more emails. If you make sure to double everything above and still didnt get the product email we sent to you, please contact customer support with your ORDER NUMBER: or LiveChat for further support.
  • I entered my Email wrong when checkout? What should I do?
    If you enter email wrong when checkout, please contact customer support with your ORDER NUMBER: or LiveChat for further support.
  • Can we transfer Resource from Accounts on SetsunaEpic to My Account?
    The answer is NO. We are selling Starter Resource Account. Meaning, It's a fresh account for anyone want a fresh start. There is no functions in any of games we selling that can be traded or transfer. Please do your research before buying.
  • Are these accounts legit & safe?
    100% legit & safe without a single fraud. There is no Hacked/Dupe/Exploit/Cheap Top Up within SetsunaEpic Accounts. SetsunaEpic's mission is to provide an astounding mobile game experience for gamers. All accounts have been tested and proven to be legit & safe with over 35000+ successful transactions since 2017.
  • Is there risk of ban?
    Account Selling/Trading/Transferring/Macro Rerolled may against Developers TOS but no issues so far and 100% safe with every other Mobile Games, 55000+ Successful Transactions. Please be aware when purchasing one! There is no ban in Rerolled Accounts with Macro or even using it. Interfering Game File like Hacked/Duped/Cheap Currency Purchase will get you banned. If the developer decided not allowing Rerolled Accounts, there is nothing we can do. we won't take responsibility if Developers decide to enforce their rules at any time.
  • How do I get SetsunaEpic Product/Service?
    Account will be sent via Email & Social Media you contact SetsunaEpic once you placed an order. For Character Selective Starter Accounts, choose your favorite game. Select the combination you want & Search for it. If it is available, it will appear with a Game ID contains Images of Character/Units represent what inside that ID . Take a screenshot of that I'D & Message SetsunaEpic via Discord: SetsunaEpic#6279 or Live Chat for consultation. SetsunaEpic will quote a price relate to the product.
  • What is the currency on SetsunaEpic's Store?
    It's USD
  • How do I secure the account I bought?
    Most of SetsunaEpic's Accounts can change the Email & Password associated with the account you purchased. SetsunaEpic will guidance & help buyers secure the account and completely in buyer possession. Some games only contain ID & Password that the Buyer only needs to change password. Some games contain the only ID that is 100% safe with SetsunaEpic.
  • What are the Payment Methods?
    Currently SetsunaEpic only accepts payment with Secured CC , Visa & Debits.
  • Do you offer Cheap Currency?
    No, SetsunaEpic will never commit fraud, use stolen credit cards, chargeback or any other illegal activities involve money to get a specific Unit or currency in game.
  • What is Super Resource Starter Account?
    Super Resource Account is a fresh account that has been logging for months to years since the game released. The account is stacked up with materials/in-game currency or even Characters given by log in rewards, daily login, developers' gifts, events and so on. These accounts are only tutorials done and no content of the game touch. The best way to start a game that you not have any experiences & want the best gatcha experience.
  • What is Character Selective Starter Account?
    Character Selective Account is the account that contains the Character/Units of your choice after searching on Catalog Websites. These accounts are often login daily and use resources to draw the units without playing any of the content of the game. Only Tutorial is done.
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