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A Genshin Impact Tale : The Bloodstained Knight


When you look about Teyvat, you will find stories everywhere. The setting, as well as the descriptions of items and weaponry, can provide bits of history and lore. This is one such story, which presents a picture of about 500 years ago from the game's current period.

The Set of Bloodstained Chivalry

The set, like all other artifact sets, includes a flower, a feather, a liquid vessel, a timepiece, and a piece of headgear. This set, along with the Noblesse Oblige set, can be gained in Liyue's Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domains.

Its two-set effect boosts Physical DMG, while its four-set effect increases Charged Attack DMG while canceling the stamina cost of doing one. However, the 4-set effects only persist for 10 seconds. For a long time, it was the finest (and only) Physical DMG-increasing artifact set, however it has now been surpassed by the Pale Flame set.

The Black Sword from the Battle Pass is related to this artifact set, despite not being an artifact. After all, it was the weapon employed by the knight. The sword's passive ability appears to complement the set, albeit both may only be appreciated by a physical longsword wielding like Kaeya.

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A Brief Background

A strange calamity destroyed the once-prosperous nation of Khaenri'ah 500 years ago in Teyvat. It's thought to be an underground nation that relied on Khemia for plant life. While the entire facts of the incident (what exactly caused it, for example) is unknown, it resulted in a swarm of shadowy creatures swarming over the surface world.

Arundolyn and his best friend Rostam led the Knights of Favonius at the time. Their narrative will be told another time, but for now, know that Rostam was the one who trained the White Knight. The latter is our story's hero, as the relic set was once in his hands.

The Great White Knight

He was previously a noble-born knight under the tutelage of Rostam, the Wolf Pup. Rostam instilled in him the values of justice, chivalry, and swordsmanship, which the Knight embraced. From then on, he would not hesitate to intervene to right any perceived wrongs. He set out to purge the world of injustice, his armor polished to a mirror sheen and his sword as well.

He even rescued the maiden who was the owner of the Maiden's Beloved set. As a reward, the maiden lavished him with gifts. He, on the other hand, merely accepted a single flower, claiming that chivalry was its recompense. He went on his journey, unknowingly carrying the maiden's heart with him. The poor maiden waited and waited, but it was all for naught because his path would never cross hers again.

His quest for justice took him all around the world, slaying creatures. He wielded his sword until the monsters ceased moving, whether they were from the disaster or the evil borne of men. He gradually came to enjoy slashing, piercing, cutting, and skewering his adversaries.

The Bloodthirsty Knight

In his zeal to cleanse the world, he convinced himself that the pleasure he was experiencing was justice being served. He was acting correctly, wasn't he? He was slaying monsters that deserved to be slain. "It was all for justice," he explained.

A mystery, unidentified figure had attempted to correct him. "Slaughter is slaughter, no matter what the reason," they said. The Knight refused to listen and continued his ruthless fight. In his mind, his massacre in the name of justice was itself a form of justice.

His mirror-like armor and sword become stained with blood over time. He didn't sure if it was from his enemies or his wounds. Blood splattered over everything he possessed as he punctured, cut, and slashed his opponents. All of the blood had turned him black, and he horrified those he was trying to save. In the process of slaying monsters, he mutated into one himself.

He went into the ruins of Khaenri'ah, convinced that he would no longer be accepted anywhere. After all, it was the source of all the creatures he battled. He meant to die fighting against them there, but instead discovered the 'final injustice.' The people of the wrecked country were cursed, and they were the monsters he fought all this time.

He swears his duty to the Abyss after having 'died' (perhaps as his former self) and discovering this fact.

Theories and Conclusions

Many things in Teyvat can drive people insane. For example, the Yaksha was tasked with removing the gods' residual wrath. This results in their incurring a 'karmic debt,' which drives all but one insane. Even so, the remaining one is afflicted by its consequences. The 'Tatarigami,' a phenomenon affecting a portion of Yashiori Island where a god was slain, is similar to this.

The Abyss has an effect on the beings it touches, as proven by Tartaglia's character stories. Before his time in the Abyss, he wasn't as battle-hungry or conflict-seeking. He became nearly a different person after it, yet his protectiveness of his family remained constant.

In any case, the Knight's battle with monsters exposed him to one (or both) of the aforementioned. That could explain why he grew preoccupied with the idea of justice and purging the world. He was soaked in demon and monster blood. While they are not the same, both have mind-altering properties.

In terms of his commitment, perhaps it means the Traveler will get the opportunity to encounter this legendary being. Aside from that, we have a piece of the apocalyptic puzzle, namely that the inhabitants of Khaenri'ah are cursed. The nature of this curse remains unknown, as does who bestowed it on them in the first place. There are still far too many missing components. We'll have a better understanding of what transpired as the game's story progresses. There will be more stories in the future, so stay tuned. Continue to enjoy Genshin Impact!

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