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The Arundolyn and Rostam - a Genshin Impact Tale


These two are well-known Mondstadt heroes. The first is a well-known Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius, and the second is his best buddy and second-in-command. They both had a significant role in the events of 500 years ago, around the time of the apocalypse. What is their identity, and what is their legacy? Let us investigate.

Defender's Will and a Courageous Heart

These two artifact sets are ranked lower than the 5/4-star ones. They can only be found in three or four-star versions, and they can be located in a variety of artifact domains.

Defender's Will, along with the Crimson Witch and Lavawalker sets, can be discovered in the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula. It may also be found with the Blizzard Strayer and Heart of Depth sets in the Peak of Vindagnyr.

Its two-set effect boosts DEF by 30%. The 4-set effect boosts the wearer's Elemental RES toward each unique element in the current party by 30%. It's a specialized build that works well for DEF-based characters like Noelle or Xinyan, but it's only suitable for mid-level accounts (around 30+ to 40+ AR). 5-star artifacts outperform them in terms of stat boosts, so they'll be left behind soon enough.

Brave Heart, together with the Archaic Petra and Retracing Bolide sets, is available as a prize in the Domain of Guyun. This set is also available as a reward from the Ridge Watch Domain, together with the Tenacity of the Millelith and Pale Flame sets.

Brave Heart, like Gladiator's Finale, has a 2-set effect that enhances ATK by 18%. It differs from 4-set effects in that the latter increases the wearer's damage by 30% if the target has more than 50% HP remaining. It's more of a general-purpose set, as both of these effects would assist most DPS characters. Still, it will be replaced eventually, as higher-quality artifacts provide better and higher boosts.

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Rostam and Arundolyn, the Grand Master's best friend, were childhood buddies. They frequently played together, pretending to be knights and sneaking away on excursions. They would use slingshots to chase boars about and fight with sticks. On one of these nights, they came upon a Seelie and followed it. Arundolyn preserved the treasure they discovered, a little yellow flower. They would also re-enact the hero Venessa's victory against the famous Gladiator, as well as the aristocracy's collapse.

As they grew older, they joined the knights. They both excelled and advanced through the ranks. Arundolyn eventually gained the title of Lion, as befitted the Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. Rostam, on the other hand, was given the title of Wolf and worked in the shadows to help the Grand Master. He was not afraid to conduct nasty tasks behind the scenes. Some claim he inherited the secret organization of Kreuzlied (the Noble from the Wanderer's Troupe).

Whereas Arundolyn was friendly and upbeat, Rostam was solemn and solemn. Despite their temperamental differ

ences, they remained close friends and worked well together. According to the legend behind the Defender's Will set, the only person who could calm him was a lady he was in love with.

Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter was her name. She traveled to Sumeru to study at the Academia before the disaster. Rostam had given her a timepiece to commemorate her absence. Rostam had also taught the White Knight, who had later evolved into the Bloodstained Knight in his pursuit of justice.

In any case, the Lion and the Wolf made an excellent team and successfully defended Mondstadt. Then the cataclysm occurred.

A String of Misfortunes

Monsters sprang from the remains after Khaenri'ah was destroyed, posing a menace to everyone on the surface. Arundolyn had the notion of traveling to the source of the disaster and ending it there, so he led an expedition of all the knights.

All things considered, they battled as best as they could. However, even the finest isn't always enough, as Rostam discovered when fighting. Demoralized, Arundolyn lost the desire to fight and resigned from his duty, laying down his weapons. He went back to his childhood room and noticed the flower he had discovered. It had remained unchanged over time. Everything else, however, had changed.

Barbatos had to wake up and summon Dvalin to fight Durin because he had left Mond undefended. The latter had arrived from the wrecked kingdom and posed a threat to the nation. Dvalin was successful, but he suffered major injuries as a result of his efforts. To recover from the poison, he needed to rest and sleep it off. Unfortunately, the Abyss had different plans. As a result, what happened in the game's prologue occurs.

Rosalyne was the most recent catastrophe. She returned to a desolate but still standing city from Sumeru. She discovered her sweetheart had perished, which sent her on a path of vengeance. She torched the earth she walked on for a time, just wanting to burn the demons from the ruins. After an unknown number

of years, the first of the Fatui Harbingers discovered her and gave her a new mission: to serve the Tsaritsa. She rose to the rank of La Signora, the Eighth of the Fatui Harbingers.

Conclusions and Further Thoughts

The events of 500 years ago from the start of the game have a great deal of significance in the game. It was the period when the Traveler's sibling awoke earlier and probably accompanied Dainsleif on his journey. It was also the time when Khaenri'ah was destroyed, causing ripples across Teyvat.

This event is responsible for many of the game's secrets. What did the sibling see while on the road? How did they come to be regarded as the Abyss's ruler? Why was Khaenri'ah annihilated? That doesn't even take into account the fact that it was implied that the gods of Celestia had instructed the then-current Archons to do so.

Zhongli and Venti are keeping quiet about the occurrences, and Ei doesn't want to be reminded of them because it was the moment her sister died. They're hiding something important from the Traveler. Unfortunately, finding answers to those questions will be a long road.

We can still have fun while searching for such solutions! Whatever they are, maybe we won't have to wait too long to find them. Continue to enjoy the game and your trip to discover the truth and secrets of the (in-game) planet!

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