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Updated: Feb 3, 2022


BEST AWAKEN CHAOS ERA Charles Build And Guide



Charles distinguished himself from an early age as a capable knight of the Imperial Guard with his bravery and sense of chivalry, particularly with General William who appointed Charles to his personal retinue and looked upon the young man’s career with favor. Charles developed into an impressive commander in his own right under the tutelage of the Emperor’s Hand, William. Unlike many of the other noble-born commanders of the Imperial Guard, Charles is a respected figure within the communities garrisoned by his battalions, and the charismatic general has often gone to great lengths to assist the local townsfolk in necessary public works or even in minor matters such as locating missing pets if the opportunity avails itself, which has made him particularly popular in his current command in Double Crown.



  • NAME: Charles

  • FACTION: Holy Light Empire

  • RARITY: Elite

  • ELEMENT: Water

  • TYPE: Defense

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  • Attack 696

  • Health 6,300

  • Defense 529

  • Speed 95

  • Crit. Rate 6%

  • Crit. Damage 150%

  • Focus 0%

  • Resistance 0%

  • Agility 5

  • Precision 100


Commanding Fury (Trait → Ascension)

Attacks dealt by this character deal bonus True Damage equal to (30% → 50%) of Defense.

Leaping Slash (Basic)

Deals 50% damage to an enemy, with a 100% chance to apply Taunt for 1 turn.

Level 2: Damage +10%.

Level 3: Effect trigger chance +25%.

Level 4: Effect trigger chance +25%.

Taunt : Immune to control effects. Automatically uses basic ability to attack the caster. [Control Effect]

Shelter (Passive)

+1 Rage upon taking a valid hit. +20% Defense per Rage.

Level 2: +15% Defense per Rage.

Level 3: +20% Defense per Rage.

Note: Max Rage is capped at 5.

Absolution (Ultimate, Cooldown: 4 turns)

Deals 100% damage to an enemy and grants a Shield for 2 turns with strength that scales based on this character’s Defense.

Level 2: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.

Level 3: Damage +10%.

Level 4: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.

Level 5: Damage +10%.

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BEST CHARLES Teams Synergy


Team up with Mytheasia to enhance team survivability.


Team up with Hakrin to increase Charles’s True Damage from Hakrin’s trait.

Best CHARLES Builds

Recommended Gear Sets

  • Terra Set: +15% Health.

  • Vanguard Set: +15% Defense.

  • Faith Set: Converts 50% of healing provided into a shield that lasts for 1 turn.

Stats Priority

  • Health%, Defense%, Critical Rate

Stats Allocation

  • Weapon (ATK)

  • Head (Health)

  • Chest (Defense)

  • Boots (Speed / Health%)

  • Ring (Critical Rate / Defense%)

  • Necklace (Defense%)

Also, see the complete Awaken Chaos Era tier list

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