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The treants are ancient woodland creatures which were known in former times for great wisdom on account of their extraordinary memory. Indeed, treants of several thousand years age are still able to remember their days as a young sapling. Unfortunately, like many of the other denizens of Bloodbeast Jungle, the chaos power has twisted the treants’ memories into a terrible state and plunged many of them, including Maluk the Treant, into a constant sense of anger and discomfort. The unhappy Maluk now feels compelled to attack any intruders upon his territory with abandon. Brandishing his branches to clear obstacles in his path is now the only means by which Maluk can calm the raging fires within.



  • NAME: Maluk

  • FACTION: Sylvan Woodlands

  • RARITY: Elite

  • ELEMENT: Fire

  • TYPE: Offense

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  • Attack 1,020

  • Health 4,040

  • Defense 438

  • Speed 76

  • Crit. Rate 6%

  • Crit. Damage 150%

  • Focus 0%

  • Resistance 0%

  • Agility 5

  • Precision 100


Burning Fury (Trait → Ascension)

(+5% → +10%) Crit. Rate at the start of the turn. Max 10 stacks.

Forest’s Wrath (Basic)

Deals 100% damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to grant this character Attack Up for 1 turn.

Level 2: Damage +10%.

Level 3: Damage +10%.

Level 4: Damage +10%.

Level 5: Damage +10%.

Attack Up : +30% Attack.

Fractious (Passive)

Critical Strikes grant 1 bonus turn. Can only be triggered 1 time per 2 turns.

Level 2: Trigger interval reduced by 1 turn.

Gaia’s Rage (Ultimate, Cooldown: 4 turns)

Deals 100% damage to an enemy and applies Ignite for 2 turns.

Level 2: Damage +10%.

Level 3: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.

Level 4: Damage +10%.

Level 5: Damage +10%.

Ignite : At the start of the turn, deals damage based on the caster’s Attack.

Also, see the complete Awaken Chaos Era tier list

BEST MALUK Teams Synergy


Best MALUK Builds

Recommended Gear Sets

  • Warrior Set: +15% Attack.

  • Rage Set: +20% Crit. Rate.

  • Cursed Set: After attacking, there is a 35% chance to launch a bonus attack using this character’s basic ability. Can be triggered once per turn.

Stats Priority

  • Attack%, Critical Rate, Speed, Focus

Stats Allocation

  • Weapon (ATK)

  • Head (Health)

  • Chest (Defense)

  • Boots (Speed)

  • Ring (Critical Rate / Attack%)

  • Necklace (Attack%)

Also, see the complete Awaken Chaos Era tier list

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