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Updated: Feb 3, 2022


BEST AWAKEN CHAOS ERA Rujago Build And Guide



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  • NAME: Rujago

  • FACTION: Dragonscale Marsh

  • RARITY: Elite

  • ELEMENT: Water

  • TYPE: Defense

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  • Attack 691

  • Health 5,004

  • Defense 512

  • Speed 90

  • Crit. Rate 5%

  • Crit. Damage 150%

  • Focus 0%

  • Resistance 0%

  • Agility 5

  • Precision 100


Demonic Tenacity (Trait → Ascension)

This character has a (50% → 100%) chance of counterattacking with Attack Down for 2 turn(s).

Attack Down : -30% Attack.

Turgid Strike (Basic)

Deals 100% damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to apply Taunt for 1 turn(s).

Level 2: Damage +10%.

Level 3: Damage +10%.

Level 4: Damage +10%.

Taunt : Immune to control effects. Automatically uses basic ability to attack the caster. [Control Effect]

Sheenskin (Passive)

Attacks have an 100% chance of granting [Elemental Advantage].

Level 2: Trigger chance +25%.

Level 3: Trigger chance +25%.

Level 4: Trigger chance +25%.

Ooze (Ultimate, Cooldown: 3 turns)

Deals 150% damage to an enemy and applies Unhealable and Attack Down for 2 turn(s).

Level 2: Damage +15%.

Level 3: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).

Level 4: Damage +15%.

Unhealable : Received healing effects are reduced by 100% [excludes Life Steal].

Attack Down : -30% Attack.

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BEST RUJAGO Teams Synergy


Best RUJAGO Builds

Recommended Gear Sets

  • Warrior Set: +15% Attack.

  • Rage Set: +20% Crit. Rate.

  • Cursed Set: After attacking, there is a 35% chance to launch a bonus attack using this character’s basic ability. Can be triggered once per turn.

Stats Priority

  • Attack%, Critical Rate, Focus, Speed.

Stats Allocation

  • Weapon (ATK)

  • Head (Health)

  • Chest (Defense)

  • Boots (Attack%)

  • Ring (Critical Rate / Attack%)

  • Necklace (Attack% / Health%)

Also, see the complete Awaken Chaos Era tier list

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