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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

genshin impact account battle of revenge guide

Battle of Revenge Guide - Genshin Impact


The Inazuma reputation quest Genshin Impact Battle of Revenge has several ambiguous unlock criteria.

Because Battle of Revenge is linked to a Daily Commission, it begins at random. The quest is likewise broken, but here's how you should begin it.

To make this easy, make sure you've set your commission choices to Inazuma. An Art To Be Honed is one of the Daily Commissions you can get in Inazuma. This request is made by the soldier Asakura, and it is a basic one.

Follow the mission marker to Asakura, chat with him, and then battle him briefly. He's a piece of cake to take down, so it won't be long.

Following that, he'll drop some indications about a previous event he was engaged in and his desire for vengeance. That is all you can do for the time being.

Battle of Revenge is a World Quest that, like Tatara Tales, has real-world time restrictions. However, there is no clue or indication of this in-game. Once time has elapsed, the Battle of Revenge World Quest marker will emerge in Inazuma City.

Some players reported needing to question "why did you submit the commission?" to open the task, however it appears that the quest is now broken.

Regardless of the conversation option you select, Battle for Revenge may not be unlocked on the first try. If this happens to you, wait for An Art to being Honed to come around again.

genshin impact account battle of revenge guide 2

Speak with Asakura again once the task marker appears. He assigns you the duty of fighting a Kairagi, after which you must pillage its camp. Return Asakura's weapon to him after you've discovered it. You will be rewarded with 30,000 Mora, 2 Hero's Wit, 100 Adventure EXP, and 20 Reputation EXP.

There's still a lot to accomplish in Genshin Impact's new territory. Sakura Arborism and Sacred Sakura Cleansing are two substantial World Quests with nice rewards if you're seeking for more World Quests to do. Shakkei Pavilion and Formation Estate both offer important treasures to help boost up your party, or you may take a break to collect Naku Weed in preparation for Yoimiya's forthcoming release.

This is the guide to The Battle Of Revenge. If you are bothered by this, this article will help you. More information on Genshin Impact can be found on Setsunaepic

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