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Dragonspine's Lost Civilization: a Genshin Impact Tale


Mondstadt and Liyue are both bounded by the Dragonspine Mountain. It is, nevertheless, regarded as a characteristic of the former. Barbatos, the Archon of Mond, is shown on the Mountain Statue of Seven. The ruins of a long-lost civilization lay buried beneath the mountain's ice and snow, ready to tell their tale.

Sal Vindagnyr's tale is told below.

The Blizzard Strayer Set is a set that includes a blizzard strainer and

The Blizzard Strayer artifact set, like many other elemental-themed artifact sets, is ideal for a DPS Cryo user. At the very least, one that can deliver Cryo damage on a continuous basis. Ganyu, Ayaka, or Chongyun are the most probable possibilities within the present cast. Eula and Rosaria are mostly physical damage dealers, although they benefit from the Crit Rate increases as well. Diona and Qiqi's talents benefit from the Cryo DMG enhancement since they lack a mechanism to infuse Cryo into their weapon assaults. They're both support characters, therefore other stats help them out more.

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Cryo DMG is increased by 15% with its 2-set effect. When the target is impacted by Cryo, equipping two more artifacts raises the equipped character's Crit Rate by 20%. If the target is Frozen, it increases Crit Rate by 20%. With the DPS paradigm depending on critical strikes, this bodes well for those heroes.

Building Crit Rate does not have to be the first concern because of the four-set effect. It is automatically increased by 40% when an opponent is frozen. When the Cryo Resonance effect is added to the party, the Crit Rate is increased by 55%.

Some gamers utilize it even on non-Cryo users. Consider the town of Xingqiu. As a Hydro user, he can employ Chongyun's infusion circle to effortlessly freeze foes (E skill). Keep Xingqiu in the Cryo infusion circle and apply a 4-set Blizzard Strayer. When he utilizes his talents, he quickly freezes opponents and maintains the 4-set benefits. There's also a YouTube video about a 'Cryo' Beidou for another choice!

The relics are from the domain of Vindagnyr, who lives on Dragonspine's peak. The Heart of Depth, a Hydro-themed set, is another set that may be farmed in the same realm.

Sal Vindagyr's people

Dragonspine Mountain was once a green, blooming mountain until ice and frost settled on it. Its name was Vindagnyr, and the kingdom that reigned over it was Sal Vindagnyr. The people who resided there sought safety atop the mountain, away from the blizzards that ravaged Mond before to Barbatos' arrival. They established a city on the mountain and prospered for a time.

A white tree in their realm was cared for by the people. They value the tree so greatly that when a princess was born beneath it, the priestess blessed the child. One of those gifts is the ability to look into the future, which she uses in her paintings. She began to create frescoes throughout time, some of which may still be seen in the game's present.

Celestia was held to the mountain by the Skyfrost Nail during these events. At least, this is what some of the paintings imply. That's possible that it was one of the reasons Sal Vindagnyr was successful. In any case, the princess had a dream about a dragon spewing a cloud of red poison over the mountain. In addition to this terrifying dream, the Skyfrost Nail plummeted into the mountain, bringing blizzards of ice and snow with it.

A Hopeful Sign

To solve the situation, they enlisted the help of an outlander named Imunlaukr to find a technique to halt the cold. He had a strong relationship with the princess, who awaited his return and also handed him the Snow-Tombed Starsilver sword. She had dedicated a fresco to the hero, which she intended to finish when he returned, but her words were lost in the storm.

While he was gone, the Skyfrost Nail fractured into three pieces and landed on the Starglow Cavern, an underground cavern, and the location of their tree. Noticing the tree's condition, the princess chose its most complete branch and attempted to graft it onto a healthy one. It didn't work, and the princess died in a snowfall nearby.

Another attempted to mend the Ley Lines that were connected to the tree, but they had all withered and all efforts were futile. They transported the princess to the Starglow Cavern to be buried. People submitted to their destiny since they had no princess and no chance of surviving the bitter cold and never-ending blizzards.

Imunlaukr returned, unable to find answers, to find the city deserted and its residents dead. Cursing the Celestian gods, he fled the city and the weapon he had been granted in search of a place to battle.

The Following

As a result, the once-green mountain has become one of ice and snow, and its inhabitants have long since vanished. It sat undisturbed for years until the disaster struck. Durin, the Gold-corrupted dragon, assaulted Mondstadt. Barbatos was the only one who could defend Mond while the Knights were gone on an excursion. He awoke and called Dvalin, one of the Four Winds, to aid him in defeating the corrupted dragon.

Dvalin was victorious, despite suffering no injuries. He flung the corpse of the fallen dragon onto the mountain. The princess' vision came true, but she and her people were not there to see it. The shattered tree was resurrected by the dragon's remnants, but it couldn't grow any further until the Traveler arrived on the mountain. The occurrence also prompted people to rename the mountain Dragonspine, as it is known in the game now.

This once-prosperous civilization was now in ruins beneath all of the ice and snow, with only a few paintings to indicate its presence. Years later, the Traveler may discover a few more artifacts, all that remains of the people.

Imunlaukr, on the other hand, seems to have returned to Old Mondstadt, while Andrius and Decarabian were still vying over the position of Archon. As a descendent of the Imunlaukr Clan of Mondstadt, he managed to find a wife before passing away. With their conflicts, he and his successors delighted the gods. Later, the clan sank into obscurity, as no known or verified characters can claim descent.

That is the terrible tragedy of Sal Vindagnyr's people and the mountain now known as Dragonspine.

A Few Hypotheses

The Skyfrost Nail looks like the pillars shown in the game's log-in screen. While it hasn't been verified, what we're seeing on that screen might be a portion of Celestia. Murals in Dragonspine's secret room portray Celestia hovering above the mountain with the Nail in place, lending credence to this story.

As a result, Imunlaukr's curse on the gods is understandable. If they hadn't pushed the nail, it wouldn't have fallen into the mountain and killed everyone. However, we don't know why they moved or whether they intended for the nail to fall. Also, it's possible that everything worked out for the best. After all, the ice and snow encased Durin's corrupting power, keeping it confined to the mountain. It may have spread to the whole of Mond if it hadn't been contained. I hope you've learned something new about Dragonspine! Continue to have pleasure learning about Teyvat's lore and the stories behind goods and locations in Genshin. There's always more to come, whether in-game or here on the blog.

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