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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

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Elegy for the End's Genshin Impact: More Information


Elegy for the End is a powerful 5-star bow in Genshin Impact that may be utilized as a team enhancement weapon. It is also part of the Millennial Movement series, and Elegy for the End is said to be returning to the game's gacha. More details will be provided via Setsunaepic below.

Stats and passive effect of Elegy for the End:

  • Elegy for the End has a base attack of 608 and a bonus of 55.1 percent Energy Recharge. Its passive effect might provide the user with an additional 60 Elemental Mastery. Simultaneously, when players utilize an Elemental Skill or burst, they will be rewarded with a Sigil of Remembrance.

  • When the player obtains four Sigils, they will all grant a 12-second bonus to all teammates. During this time, the character gains an extra 100 Elemental Mastery and 20% ATK. Elegy for the End cannot grant additional Sigils of Remembrance for 20 seconds after activating the 12-second bonus.

genshin impact elegy for the end

Characters who should employ Elegy for the End:

Its users do not need to be present on the battlefield in order to receive Sigils of Remembrance. Because the characters who are appropriate for using it are those who are not frequently on the field, such as Fischl, this bow can be used to raise the team's buffs. Although Fischl's damage is stronger in The Stringless, employing Elegy for the End can help the entire squad.

Elegy for the End is similarly beneficial to Venti; while it does not deal as much raw damage as The Stringless, it does bring additional bonuses. Venti's burst is considered one of the best in the game. Elegy for the End has the ability to fast restore energy for the burst. Venti will benefit greatly from the increased Elemental Mastery. Elegy for the End also helps Venti builds by prioritizing the powerful Swirl reactions.

Amber is a good pick as well because her Elemental Burst is timed with Elegy for the End, allowing her to trigger the Elegy buff sooner than other bow users.

The bow is not a required weapon in Genshin Impact, but it can be summoned as a potent team buff weapon. You can come to Setsunaepic to buy Genshin Impact Account with whichever characters or weapons you require in the game.

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