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All things you need to know about Genshin Impact's combat fundamentals.


Genshin Impact has several features, but one of the most significant is fighting. The bulk of the game's exploration and objectives will include some form of battle, so it's crucial to grasp how it works. The following is a list of the fighting and elemental kinds in Genshin Impact.

The fundamentals

The basic act of battle appears to be straightforward on the surface, yet each character has a minor variance in how they attack and how fast they attack. One of the most crucial things to know right away is what sort of weapon each member in your party uses, as well as the range of that weapon and the speed with which that character hits. In the game, there are five different sorts of weaponry. Catalysts and bows excel in long-range combat, while claymores and polearms excel at mid-range combat and swords excel at close-range combat.

Each weapon features a charged attack as well as a quick attack pattern that may be employed by repeatedly pressing the attack button. Except for the bow, all weapons have a charged attack that may be utilized by holding the attack button, which consumes a portion of the stamina meter. By pointing down sights and holding the attack button, you may utilize the charge attack with bows. Attack patterns and charge attacks differ amongst characters, so it's critical to be familiar with the speed and mobility of each member of your party.

Each character has their own set of talents that empower them with particular powers that are unique to them. Each character has two active abilities that may be employed in combat: elemental skill and elemental burst. The elemental talent has a cooldown period, and the elemental burst must be charged by engaging in battle. While the specific function of these abilities might range from inflicting damage to offering a bonus to healing, all of them have a purpose in combat and should be learned.

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Elemental combinations and kinds

Elemental kinds are one of the most significant aspects of warfare. Anemo, Geo, Electro, Dendro, Hydro, Pyro, and Cryo are the seven elemental kinds. Except for The Traveler, who has access to numerous elemental types but may only have one equipped at a time, each character specializes on one. The elemental type of each character is engaged in combat, albeit the frequency varies depending on the character's skills and weapon type. Catalyst users' basic attacks, for example, always deliver elemental damage, although physical weapons like as polearms, claymores, and swords do not. Bows give elemental damage while charged, but not when fired quickly.

When employed alone, several components have status consequences.

  • Pyro – burns the target for a few seconds while inflicting damage.

  • Cryo — briefly decreases the target's movement speed.

  • Geo — crystallization state, which lessens damage against all elemental kinds except Geo.

  • The target gets moist and ready for an elemental reaction when exposed to hydro.

  • Electro – the target is electrified and ready for an elemental reaction.

When two elements are applied to a target at the same time, numerous elemental reactions occur.

  • Overloaded: Pyro and Electro — delivers pyro damage in an AoE radius around the victim.

  • Hydro and Electro — Electrifies the adversary, delivering damage to the victim over time and spreading to other wet adversaries.

  • Cryo and Electro Superconductor — deals Cryo damage in an AoE around the target.

  • Swirl: Anemo coupled with Pyro, Cryo, Electro, or Hydro – the wind attack distributes the impact of the other element to all adjacent opponents.

  • Dendro and Pyro set the enemy on fire, causing heavy damage over time.

  • Frozen: Hydro and Cryo – freezes the target, rendering it motionless and ready for shattering with a charged assault.

  • Melt: Cryo and Pyro – the victim "melts," shedding both status effects as well as incurring additional damage from the strike that initiated it.

  • Vaporized: Hydro and Pyro – the victim "vaporizes," shedding both status effects and suffering extra damage from the strike that caused it.

Special foes

In Genshin Impact, there are lots of low-level fodder foes that can be defeated simply by repeating strikes, but certain unique adversaries or more strong enemies may require elemental assaults to destroy in a timely way. Some Hilichurls, for example, have shields that may be rapidly destroyed with Pyro strikes. Abyss Mages begin combat encounters with shields of their elemental type, therefore employing an element that generates a response will cause the shield to be destroyed faster. Many of the bosses in the game that you must defeat in order to get Ascension material include special characteristics that may be abused. It's critical to have leveled-up characters of each element type so you may switch between them as needed.

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