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Updated: Mar 14, 2022


Best Epic Seven Tier List - Tier List For All Contents In The Game - All Character Ranked By Class (March 2022)


All of the characters presently accessible in the game are ranked according to each instance (and how well they're doing instance-wise) in the Epic Seven tier list below, so make sure to check the tier list corresponding to the content you're pursuing.

Before you even begin your journey, it's easy to become lost in the roster, which has over 200 characters with a wide range of talents, components, and styles to choose from. But we've spent a lot of time with the heroes to construct our Epic Seven tier list, analyzing stats across all areas, to determine who we think should accompany you as you battle your way through this stunning 2D RPG.  For each game mode, each Epic Seven character has their unique strengths and limitations, so it's always a smart idea to switch teams. That being said, this tier list is a great starting point!

Here is the complete tier list for the characters who are presently available in Epic Seven in 2022.



Epic_Seven_tier_ list


  • SS: Seaside Bellona, Landy, Briar Witch Iseria

  • S: Operator Sigret, Bellona, Flan

  • A: Cerise, Lidica, Leo, Iseria, All-rounder Wanda, Watcher Schuri

  • B: Elphelt Valentine, Wanderer Silk, Faithless Lidica, Pavel, Silk, Yuna, Celeste, Furious, Schuri, Bomb Model Kanna, Glenn, Wanda, Summertime Isseria

  • C: Ian, Godmother, Nemunas, Roaming Warrior Leo, Kiris, Muse Rima, Rima



  • SS: Martial Artist Ken, ML Straze, Judge Kise, Apocalypse Ravi

  • S: Rimuru, Rem, Sigret, Ravi, Sol Badguy, Little Queen Charlotte, Alencia, Ken, Cermia, Chloe, Straze, Lilibet, Designer Lilibet, Yufine,

  • A: Kitty Clarissa, Assassin Cartuja, Mercenary Helga, Luna

  • B: Dingo, Free Spirit Tieria, Inferno Khawazu, Commander Lorina, General Purrgis, Clarissa, Dark Corvus, Khawazu, Lena, Zahhak, Mediator Kawerik, Mui, Batisse, Gunther, Captain Rikoris, Church of Ilryos Axe, Choux, Taranor Guard, Holiday Yufine

  • C: Lorina, Mucacha, Great Chief Khawana, Camilla, Purrgis, Rikoris, Ains, Cartuja, Chaos Sect Axe, Helga, Melany, Corvus, Tieria, Enott, Azalea



  • SS: Ruele of Light, Roana, Desert Jewel Basar

  • S: Angelic Montmorancy, Angelica, Tamarinne, Achates, Blaze Dingo, Maid ChDownload Now loe, Ray, Shooting Star Achates, Emilia

  • A: Destina, Diene, Mascot Hazel, Rin, Blood Moon Haste, Lots, Magic Scholar Doris

  • B: Elena, Sinful Angelica, Requiemroar, Sonia, Kizuna AI, Lucy, Aither, Shuna, Ainos

  • C: Hazel, Jecht, Doris, Montmorancy, Elson


  • SS: Auxiliary Lots, Specter Tenebria, Vivian, Luluca

  • S: Silver Blade Aramnitha, Basar, Challenger Dominiel, Top Model, Luluca, Dizzy, Melissa, Tenebria, Solitaria of the Snow, Arch's Demon Mercedes

  • A: Celestial Mercedes, Kawerik, Aramintha, Baal and Sezan, Fairytale Tenebria, Researcher Carrot, Ludwig, Zealot Carmainerose, Champion Zerato

  • B: Mercedes, Serila, Ram, Sage Baal and Sezan, Angel of Light Angelica, Carmainerose, Politis, Gloomyrain, Zerato, Eda, Romann, Benevolent Romann, Guider Aither,  Mistychain, Doll Maker Pearlhorizon, Dominiel, Carrot, Milim, Zeno

  • C: Hurado, Archdemon’s Shadow, Otillie, Adlay, Pearlhorizon, Jena



  • SS: Krau, Last Rider Krau, Fallen Cecilia

  • S: Tywin, Adventurer Ras, Charles, Crimson Armin, Lilias, Belian

  • A: Falconer Kluri, Rose, Shadow Rose, Charlotte, Fighter Maya

  • B: Ambitious Tywin, Cecilia, Mort, Shadow Knight Phyllis, Armin, Chaos Inquisitor, Crozet, Ilynav, Senya, Ras

  • C: Eaton, Kikirat V2, Bask, Maya, Helen, Troublemaker Crozet, Pyllis, Arowell, Butcher Corps Inquisitor, Christy, Kluri, Taranor Royal Guard



  • SS: Arbiter Vildred, Vildred, Specimen Sez

  • S: Kise, Blood Blade Karin, Violet, Kayron, Sez, Celine, Assassin Coli

  • A: Baiken, Remnant Violet, Karin, Assassin Cidd,

  • Ervalen, Crescent Moon Rin, Mirsa, Tempest Surin

  • B: Cidd, Righteous Thief Roozid, Surin, Closer Charles, Ran, Adin,

  • Khawana, Penelope, Coli

  • C: Alexa, Spirit Eye Celine, Sven, Haste, Hataan, Roozid, Judith


EPIC SEVEN TIER LIST - Best Characters For Raids

Epic Seven's raids, another PvE feature, necessitate strong and powerful characters. One of these Raids is Azmakalis; SS and S-tier heroes are your best bets.

  • SS: Peira, Arbiter Vildred, Landy, Ken, Ruele of Light, Diene, Iseria, Achates, Tamarinne, Doris, Chloe, Aramintha, Commander Lorina, Dizzy, Auxiliary Lots, Ervalen, Specter Tenebria, Bellona, Challenger Dominiel, Charlotte, Yufine, Sol Badguy

  • S: Seaside Bellona, Charles, Briar Witch Iseria, Luluca, Adventurer Ras, Angelic Montmorancy, Vivian, Jecht, Shooting Star Achates, Angelica, Silver Blade Aramintha, Elena, Cidd, Sez, Basar, Kitty Clarissa, Crimson Armin, Rose, Assassin Coli, Destina, Ray, Judge Kise, Kayron, Krau, Ravi, Violet, Kise, Celine, Martial Artist Ken, Guider Aither

  • A: Roana, Fallen Cecilia, Rem, Ainos, Mort, Ram, Vildred, Free Spirit Tiera, Crescent Moon Rin, Lilias, Little Queen Charlotte, Cerise, Assassin Cidd, Luna, Surin, Mercenary Helga, All-Rounder Wanda, Researcher Carrot, Chaos Sect Axe, Holiday Yufine, Remnant Violet, Fighter Maya, General Purrgis, Leo, Karin, Cecilia, Faithless Lidica, Celestial Mercedes, Haste, Blood Blade Karin, Furious, Mirsa, Shadow Rose, Serila, Dingo, Righteous Thief Roozid, Sage Baal and Sezan, Clarissa, Tenebria, Rin, Wanderer Silk, Baal and Sezan, Maid Chloe, Mascot Hazel, Blaze Dingo, Cermia, Elphelt Valentine, Apocalypse Ravi, Choux, Yuna, Kawerik, Silk, Khawazu, Watcher Schuri, Lots, Bask, Lidica, Emilia, Alencia, Melissa, Tywin, Sigret

  • B: Baiken, Zeno, Otillie, Specimen Sez, Closer Charles, Kikirat V2, Carmainerose, Ras, Aither, Taranor Guard, Wanda, Mistychain, Maya, Benevolent Romann, Corvus, Troublemaker Crozet, Khawana, Ludwig, Nemunas, Blood Moon Haste, Eaton, Church of Ilryos Axe, Hazel, Chaos Inquisitor, Requiemroar, Gloomyrain, Celeste, Schuri, Purrgis, Sinful Angelica, Tempest Surin, Cartuja, Montmorancy, Mercedes, Roaming Warrior Leo, Dominiel, Armin, Zerato,Ambitious Tywin, Pyllis, Mui, Coli, Champion Zerato, Assassin Cartuja, Romann, Pavel, Support Model Brinus, Elson, Kizuna AI, Desert Jewel Basar, Lilibet, Dark Corvus

  • C: Crozet, Penelope, Melany, Carrot, Camilla, Christy, Hataan, Alexa, Lena, Azalea, Tieria, Helga, Ains, Gunther, Rikoris, Lorina, Arowell, Roozid, Sven, Adlay, Mucacha, Enott, Butcher Corps Inquisitor, Pearlhorizon

  • D: Jena, Kiris, Judith, Hurado, Kluri, Rima, Taranor Royal Guard


EPIC SEVEN TIER LIST - Best Characters For Guild Wars

Exatcly like the name, you can only access guild wars if you are a guild member.

  • SS: Peira, Arbiter Vildred, Vildred, Landy, Seaside Bellona, Charles, Tywin, Fighter Maya, General Purrgis, Kayron, Ruele of Light, Assassin Coli, Blood Blade Karin, Auxiliary Lots, Ervalen, Sez, Mirsa, Blood Moon Haste, Martial Artist Ken, Melissa, Little Queen Charlotte, Dark Corvus, Apocalypse Ravi, Judge Kise, Specimen Sez, Briar Witch Iseria, Krau, Celine, Sigret, Remnant Violet, Fallen Cecilia, Specter Tenebria

  • S: IIseria, Watcher Schuri, Alencia, Ludwig, Roana, Cidd, Hurado, Kise, Shooting Star Achates, Basar, Violet, Challenger Dominiel, Tenebria, Sinful Angelica, Cermia, Armin, Kawerik, Baiken, Crimson Armin, Faithless Lidica, Elphelt Valentine, Blaze Dingo, Lilias, Maid Chloe, Luluca, Dizzy

  • A: Vivian, Silver Blade Aramintha, Emilia, Ainos, Bellona, Free Spirit Tiera, Angelica, Ravi, Adventurer Ras, Kitty Clarissa, Clarissa, Karin, Wanderer Silk, Choux, Dingo, Pavel, Mui, Celestial Mercedes, Champion Zerato, Sage Baal and Sezan, Holiday Yufine, Luna, Ambitious Tywin, Crescent Moon Rin, Lilibet, Ram, Rem, Mort, Cerise, Helga, Shadow Rose, Desert Jewel Basar, Lidica, Destina, Baal and Sezan, Rin, Assassin Cartuja, Ray, Maya, Charlotte, Elena, Judith, Assassin Cidd, Angelic Montmorancy, Diene, Yuna

  • B: Sol Badguy, Furious, Romann, Closer Charles, Tamarinne, Serila, Zerato, Purrgis, Commander Lorina, Mercenary Helga, All-Rounder Wanda, Researcher Carrot, Chaos Sect Axe, Coli, Kizuna AI, Surin, Guider Aither, Benevolent Romann, Cartuja, Khawazu, Dominiel, Cecilia, Corvus, Coli, Silk, Haste, Schuri, Righteous Thief Roozid, Khawana, Achates, Eaton, Church of Ilryos Axe, Hazel, Chaos Inquisitor, Requiemroar, Gloomyrain, Celeste, Tempest Surin, Lots, Troublemaker Crozet, Zeno, Kikirat V2, Carmainerose, Ras, Aither, Support Model Brinus, Taranor Guard, Wanda, Mistychain, Roaming Warrior Leo, Aramintha, Chloe

  • C: Crozet, Enott, Roozid, Adlay, Penelope, Camilla, Tieria, Melany, Gunther, Nemunas, Alexa, Lorina, Sven, Arowell, Mucacha, Carrot, Christy, Hataan, Mascot Hazel, Ains, Rikoris, Otillie, Azalea, Lena, Pearlhorizon, Butcher Corps Inquisitor, Kluri, Mercedes

  • D: Jena, Elson, Pyllis, Jecht, Bask, Doris, Kiris, Montmorancy, Rima, Taranor Royal Guard


EPIC SEVEN TIER LIST - Best Characters For Abyss

Here are the greatest units for the Abyss that you can get your hands on. Some heroes may be better than others at particular points of the Abyss, which is a dungeon with escalating difficulty. The prizes, on the other hand, are great! And it's a challenge that nearly every player must do before reaching the end game.

  • SS: Ken, Roana, Tamarinne, Martial Artist Ken, Dizzy, Chloe, Kise, Kiris, Angelica, Sol Badguy, Elena, Diene, Bellona

  • S: Peira, Arbiter Vildred, Landy, Jecht, Challenger Dominiel, Doris, Seaside Bellona, Luluca, Charles, Crimson Armin, Commander Lorina, Ravi, Ruele of Light, Achates, Fallen Cecilia, Angelic Montmorancy, Iseria, Lidica, Elphelt Valentine, Vivian, Specter Tenebria, Mercenary Helga, All-Rounder Wanda, Rem, Mort, Researcher Carrot, Chaos Sect Axe, Auxiliary Lots, Ervalen, Briar Witch Iseria, Yufine

  • A: Vildred, Ram, Sez, Adventurer Ras, Violet, Alencia, Sigret, Righteous Thief Roozid, Luna, Baiken, Melissa, Surin, Mascot Hazel, Rin, Crescent Moon Rin, Furious, Baal and Sezan, Shooting Star Achates, Champion Zerato, Clarissa, Armin, Aramintha, Shadow Rose, Charlotte, Yuna, Haste, Maid Chloe, Lots, Ray, Cerise, Kawerik, Wanderer Silk, Celine, Assassin Coli, Destina, Auxiliary Lots, Remnant Violet, Kitty Clarissa, Judge Kise, Little Queen Charlotte, Dingo, Assassin Cartuja, Watcher Schuri, Silk, Pyllis, Rose, Lilias, Assassin Cidd, Leo, Faithless Lidica, Khawazu, Apocalypse Ravi, Ludwig, Bask, Tenebria, Basar, Sage Baal and Sezan, Blaze Dingo, Cecilia, Ainos, Silver Blade Aramintha, Tywin

  • B: Krau, Cermia, Elson, Benevolent Romann, Dark Corvus, Kikirat V2, Carmainerose, Ras, Aither, Taranor Guard, Wanda, Mistychain, Zerato, Kizuna AI, Eaton, Church of Ilryos Axe, Hazel, Chaos Inquisitor, Requiemroar, Gloomyrain, Celeste, Zeno, Blood Moon Haste, Crozet, Sinful Angelica, Fighter Maya, Montmorancy, Troublemaker Crozet, Specimen Sez, Pavel, General Purrgis, Maya, Serila, Lilibet, Tempest Surin, Dominiel, Free Spirit Tiera, Emilia, Coli, Schuri, Mui, Blood Blade Karin, Corvus, Desert Jewel Basar, Khawana, Choux, Celestial Mercedes, Karin, Romann, Guider Aither, Ambitious Tywin, Holiday Yufine, Closer Charles, Purrgis, Kayron, Cidd, Support Model Brinus, Cartuja, Mercedes, Roaming Warrior Leo

  • C: Pearlhorizon, Camilla, Butcher Corps Inquisitor, Penelope, Roozid, Otillie, Azalea, Melany, Christy, Carrot, Hataan, Alexa, Helga, Sven, Mucacha, Mirsa, Gunther, Lorina, Nemunas, Ains, Tieria, Lena, Rikoris, Adlay, Enott, Arowell, Kluri

  • D: Jena, Hurado, Judith, Rima, Taranor Royal Guard


EPIC SEVEN TIER LIST - Best Characters For PVP

Want to rank higher in PVP? Then you need a lot of CCs and burst damage.

  • SS: Peira, Arbiter Vildred, Vildred, Landy, Seaside Bellona, Charles, Krau, Sez, Auxiliary Lots, Ervalen, Hurado, Remnant Violet, Judge Kise, Ken, Dark Corvus, Kayron, Ruele of Light, Little Queen Charlotte, Aramintha, Celestial Mercedes, Specimen Sez, Ludwig, Assassin Coli, Briar Witch Iseria, Martial Artist Ken, Specter Tenebria, Fallen Cecilia, Shooting Star Achates, Lilias, Blood Moon Haste, Blood Blade Karin, Tenebria, Basar, Celine, Yufine

  • S: Iseria, Roana, Kise, Faithless Lidica, Cidd, Challenger Dominiel, Judith, Shadow Rose, Alencia, General Purrgis, Melissa, Holiday Yufine, Desert Jewel Basar, Violet, Sigret, Sinful Angelica, Apocalypse Ravi, Ambitious Tywin, Assassin Cidd, Crimson Armin, Silver Blade Aramintha, Tywin, Vivian

  • A: Diene, Elphelt Valentine, Ainos, Crescent Moon Rin, Fighter Maya, Rem, Mort, Ram, Elena, Adventurer Ras, Dingo, Karin, Bellona, Free Spirit Tiera, Watcher Schuri, Rose, Mercenary Helga, All-Rounder Wanda, Researcher Carrot, Chaos Sect Axe, Luna, Baiken, Leo, Mui, Righteous Thief Roozid, Yuna, Cermia, Wanderer Silk, Lilibet, Kitty Clarissa, Clarissa, Angelic Montmorancy, Cerise, Maid Chloe, Sage Baal and Sezan, Dizzy, Champion Zerato, Baal and Sezan, Choux, Helga, Assassin Cartuja, Angelica, Kawerik, Blaze Dingo, Lidica, Cecilia, Charlotte, Mirsa, Emilia, Ravi, Luluca, Pavel, Ray

  • B: Sol Badguy, Lots, Corvus, Closer Charles, Commander Lorina, Tamarinne, Silk, Tempest Surin, Romann, Khawazu, Zeno, Maya, Benevolent Romann, Schuri, Dominiel, Destina, Zerato, Achates, Surin, Troublemaker Crozet, Rin, Armin, Haste, Coli, Furious, Eaton, Church of Ilryos Axe, Hazel, Chaos Inquisitor, Requiemroar, Gloomyrain, Celeste, Adlay, Khawana, Sven, Cartuja, Mercedes, Roaming Warrior Leo, Kizuna AI, Aramintha, Purrgis, Kikirat V2, Carmainerose, Ras, Aither, Taranor Guard, Wanda, Support Model Brinus, Mistychain, Crozet, Serila, Guider Aither, Chloe

  • C: Camilla, Pearlhorizon, Rikoris, Azalea, Penelope, Hataan, Melany, Gunther, Otillie, Ains, Nemunas, Christy, Alexa, Tieria, Arowell, Mascot Hazel, Lorina, Mucacha, Lena, Roozid, Carrot, nott, Butcher Corps Inquisitor, Kluri

  • D: Jena, Elson, Montmorancy, Bask, Jecht, Kiris, Pyllis, Rima, Doris, Taranor Royal Guard


EPIC SEVEN TIER LIST - Best Characters For Boss Hunt

Hunt, as it's known in Epic Seven, is a scenario where players must battle bosses in order to get access to particular upgrade materials. Because it's a PvE instance where players may pick whatever stage they want to fight on, having the greatest gear and characters available is really vital.

  • SS: Peira, Arbiter Vildred, Landy, Seaside Bellona, Iseria, Cidd, Angelic Montmorancy, Luluca, Roana, Auxiliary Lots, Ervalen, Clarissa, Adventurer Ras, Leo, Tamarinne, Champion Zerato, Chloe, Shadow Rose, Tywin, Luna, Sigret, Cermia, Aramintha, Achates, Angelica, Baiken, Challenger Dominiel, Diene, Sol Badguy, Ravi, Yufine, Vivian

  • S: Charles, Rin, Ram, Ken, Elphelt Valentine, Vildred, Kise, Violet, Guider Aither, Doris, Bask, Ray, Bellona, Lots, Crozet, Haste, Karin, Jecht, Lidica, General Purrgis, Mercenary Helga, All-Rounder Wanda, Researcher Carrot, Chaos Sect Axe, Celestial Mercedes, Celine, Melissa, Silver Blade Aramintha, Krau, Specter Tenebria, Mort

  • A: Ruele of Light, Mascot Hazel, Rem, Emilia, Martial Artist Ken, Dizzy, Elena, Briar Witch Iseria, Ainos, Surin, Kiris, Assassin Cidd, Holiday Yufine, Commander Lorina, Maid Chloe, Sez, Judge Kise, Kikirat V2, Carmainerose, Ras, Aither, Taranor Guard, Wanda, Mistychain, Remnant Violet, Lilias, Charlotte, Blood Blade Karin, Tenebria, Lilibet, Kawerik, Rose, Alencia, Otillie, Serila, Assassin Cartuja, Baal and Sezan, Destina, Little Queen Charlotte, Kayron, Dark Corvus, Khawazu, Luna, Blaze Dingo, Furious, Silk, Basar, Fallen Cecilia, Shooting Star Achates, Crimson Armin, Yufine

  • B: Apocalypse Ravi, Specimen Sez, Closer Charles, Support Model Brinus, Sage Baal and Sezan, Khawana, Blood Moon Haste, Ambitious Tywin, Zerato, Alexa, Cerise, Righteous Thief Roozid, Coli, Kizuna AI, Assassin Coli, Watcher Schuri, Purrgis, Wanderer Silk, Free Spirit Tiera, Pavel, Cartuja, Mercedes, Roaming Warrior Leo, Yuna, Sinful Angelica, Crescent Moon Rin, Tempest Surin, Fighter Maya, Zeno, Armin, Corvus, Nemunas, Eaton, Church of Ilryos Axe, Hazel, Chaos Inquisitor, Requiemroar, Gloomyrain, Celeste, Dingo, Dominiel, Schuri, Troublemaker Crozet, Kitty Clarissa, Mui, Cecilia, Leo, Romann, Benevolent Romann, Ludwig, Elson, Crozet, Desert Jewel Basar, Lena, Faithless Lidica

  • C: Choux, Carrot, Azalea, Penelope, Mirsa, Pyllis, Camilla, Montmorancy, Lorina, Mucacha, Gunther, Melany, Roozid, Rikoris, Helga, Arowell, Hataan, Pearlhorizon, Adlay, Ains, Sven, Tieria, Enott, Butcher Corps Inquisitor, Maya

  • D: Jena, Judith, Hurado, Kluri, Rima, Taranor Royal Guard


Like other gacha games, you can also reroll in Epic Seven. Simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the in-game lobby.

  • To access the account screen, tap your avatar in the top-left corner.

  • To access the settings menu, tap the cog.

  • Press the Reset Server button and type in your account's nickname.

  • Tap the confirm button.

Please keep in mind that all server resets are permanent and that previous data cannot be retrieved!

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