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Everything About The Next Genshin Impact's Big Update You Should Know


Genshin Impact's creators provided details about the upcoming 2.3 update via livestream this morning, including important seasonal and permanent updates to the game, as well as wintry minigames. The limited characters Albedo and Eula will be accessible concurrently, followed by the reappearance of Itto and Gorou for a limited period. The update also includes "Shadows Among Snowstorms," a big plot event set in the Dragonspine area. Two potent new artifact sets will also be released shortly, making healers and geo characters more viable in the current meta.

For players that were unable to purchase Albedo and Eula on their first release, miHoYo has verified that their event banners will run concurrently for 2.3. This is a novel character banner type in which a single guaranteed pull count is split between two character banners, which means that older characters may return more frequently, but free-to-play players may have to bypass more banners in order to preserve premium cash for a future character.

Arataki Itto's involvement in the game was first hinted around a month ago, and the internet immediately became obsessed with his character design. This five-star character will appear as a geo claymore wielding in Genshin Impact. His limited event banner will feature the four-star Gorou, a geo bow user who appeared regularly in the main quest's Sangonomiyan Resistance plotline. In the next update, Gorou and the Liyue ship captain Beidou will have hangout events (special narrative missions in which players make choices in stories with different endings).

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The key seasonal event for this update is "Shadows Among Snowstorms," which takes place in the Dragonspine Mountains. The event includes an exploration minigame, combat challenges, and a snowman-decorating element, in addition to a new limited-time tale. Players that complete the event will receive a free four-star sword weapon called Cinnabar Spindle. The event will also award goodies that may be used to make snowmen during the event and later to add some winter charm to one's house in the Serenitea (Genshin's housing system).

In the Inazuma area, there is a minor stealth event called "Bantan Sango Case Files: The Warrior Dog." Event prizes can be earned by retrieving lost animals guarded by a hostile ninja dog. Following the event, participants can get the Omni-Ubiquity Net, a gadget that allows them to manufacture animal replicas for their houses. Paimon may now be added as a companion to the Serenitea realm with the latest update.

The game is always being updated with new artifacts. "Ocean-Hued Clam" is an artifact set that grants a healing benefit as well as the ability to create harmful foam. The foam erupts, causing damage that scales off the amount of healing done by the character in a short period of time, implying that healers like Kokomi and Qiqi potentially have greatly increased damage potential. It's one of several new features made by Genshin to make healing a viable gameplay style in the current meta. Husk of Opulent Dreams is another artifact set that offers geo damage and defense increases, making it excellent for both Itto and Gorou because the efficiency of their abilities scales off of defense. These new characters are a welcome change from the existing meta, which is dominated by characters with strong attack or critical damage bonuses.

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