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genshin impact account baizhu 2.0 leak

New leaks for, Baizhu, and Dendro and The Chasm in Genshin Impact explained - Why are these components constantly linked together by leakers?


Genshin Impact leakers have given a fresh update about the release of The Chasm area - Let's take a look at The Chasm's leak history, and why it's always associated with Dendro characters like Baizhu.

The Chasm is expected to be released with the second or third Genshin Impact upgrade in 2022, according to Sukuna and Genshin Report. If the current timetable of six weeks between updates is maintained, The Chasm will be introduced to the game on February 16 or March 30, 2022.


The Chasm is a deep subterranean region located west of Liyue Harbor. It has no official screenshots or artwork. However, if you read the lines while playing Genshin Impact, you would have learned a lot about the location. The most notable difference is that it has a "totally different" climate than the rest of Liyue. And how it's a big supply of minerals, but it's presently closed down due to a slew of unexplained occurrences, including miners going insane.

genshin impact account the chasm map

Another reason for the excitement is that miHoYo has always featured an in-game map label for The Chasm. This piqued the interest of all participants. Despite the fact that it is blacked out on the map and unavailable. Overall, The Chasm appears to be the Dragonspine of Liyue: a large area that isn't a region of Teyvat in and of itself but is nonetheless a lot of fun to explore, with unique gameplay elements.


Baizhu, on the other hand, has been a Dendro character from his first appearance in Closed Beta Test 3. Baizhu is extremely likely to be a 5-star character, based on his incredibly interesting character design and the fact that he plays a significant role in the plot. While Yaoyao, another Dendro character who has already been publicly announced, should be a 4 star.

Since then, English leakers like Sukuna, who have been proven to have their own sources, have suggested that The Chasm and the Dendro element are also related. Meanwhile, the notion that The Chasm is done but miHoYo is intentionally holding it back to stretch out material has been debunked.

genshin impact account hint

Finally, many fans believe that Baizhu, as the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue Harbor, uses rare mineral discovered in The Chasm for his medication. If such speculations are correct, The Chasm will be related to Baizhu not only in gameplay, but also in plot. This is probably what MiHoYo hinted to in the Serenitea Pot unlocking mission with Yanfei as well:

When the Traveler and Yanfei ask Baizhu about the Smaragdus Jadeite ore, he tells how individuals without Visions might become ill or experience dramatic personality changes if they are in contact with the ore for an extended period of time. These are the same symptoms mentioned by the miners who returned from The Chasm.

That's all we know about the release of The Chasm and Dendro characters. If you plan on pulling Baizhu, you have until February or March 2022 to save Primogems. Setsunaepic provides almost all the items and resources you need in the game. Here you can buy Genshin Impact Accounts and starter accounts. If you desire a certain role, Genshin Impact Accounts are absolutely what you need, but if you believe you're lucky enough, you can also acquire Starter Accounts, and perhaps you'll be able to gain the heroes or weapons you need through them.

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