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Here's how you can obtain additional gacha pulls.


The Wish system is the greatest way to obtain new weapons and characters in Genshin Impact. If you're familiar with gacha on games, you should know what a Wish is. If you're new, imagine them as a loot box: most of the time it's full of rubbish, and if you want something decent, you'll need a lot of Wishes.

Wishing is necessary for your advancement. Fortunately, there are a few in-game ways to obtain more Wishes. Here are the various Wish currencies, as well as how to farm them.

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Primogems will be your finest source of Wishes in Genshin Impact, at least after you've used up your first few Wishes, which the game essentially offers you for free.

The good news about Primogems is that they may be obtained from nearly anything:

  • Quests

  • Achievements

  • Commissions paid every day (Please keep in mind that you can join your friends' games every day to assist them with their).

  • Unlocking teleportation spots across the world

  • The Shrines and the Abyss

  • For the first time, complete dungeons.

  • Chests of gold

The bad news is that if you want to create a lot of Wishes, you'll need a lot of them.

Each Wish costs 160 Primogems, whereas a bundle of ten Wishes costs 1600 Primogems (we recommend only doing one pull at a time). When opening a chest, you'll normally obtain a number between 2 and 5.

All of the above-mentioned activities yield Primogems, and the more you play, the more you acquire. Unless you want to invest a lot of money, there isn't a "get rich quick" method for Primogems. You should be able to get at least one Wish throughout your play session if you complete your Daily Commission and explore a little every day.

It should be noted that you may purchase Genesis Crystals for real money, which can be exchanged for Primogems 1:1.

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Fates are the actual money required to create Wishes. You can buy them with Primogems, which is how you'll receive them the majority of the time, or you can get them as a prize for leveling up.

In the game, there are two types of Fates: Acquainted Fates and Intertwined Fates. You'll employ the Intertwined Fates to get temporary Wish Banners such as Ballad in Goblets. You'll also employ the Acquaint Fates to gain access to permanent banners such as the Wanderlust Invocation.

While you'll obtain a couple of each Fate kind early on in the game, endgame prizes will only give you a handful.

Each month, you can purchase five Fates from the in-game shop. However, if you want additional Wishes, you must farm Primogems.

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