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genshin impact accounts for sales the Serenitea Pot guide

Using the Serenitea Pot, you may create your own Realm.


As of version 1.5, Genshin Impact has offered houses for players, allowing you to design large plots of land with the help of a teapot and a bird.

These plots of land are located within Serenitea Pots and enable each player to have their own customizable space for furnishings and other ideas. If you like, you may place furnish able houses and beautify your own tiny piece of land well enough to build a small village.

genshin impact accounts for sale

In this Genshin Impact tutorial, we'll go over everything you'll need to know to unlock your very own house.

genshin impact accounts for sales the Serenitea Pot version 1.5


To unlock the housing teapot, complete the following steps:

  • Attained Adventure Rank 35 or higher

  • Completing the Archon Quest Act 3 – A New Star Approaches

  • Part 1 of Creating a Teapot to Call Your Own

Once you've completed the mission and obtained your teapot, you can interact with it. It will prompt you to select a realm layout on your first encounter. Choose one you prefer because you won't be able to modify your layout for a time.


genshin impact accounts for sales the Serenitea Pot

You'll be able to enter your teapot whenever you like and engage with Tubby, a talking bird with whom you'll develop Trust by conversing with her and adding additional furnishings and décor to your domain. The more Trust you have in Tubby, the more Realm Currency you will receive over time. You may buy furniture and plans to make more furnishings from her with Realm Currency.


To begin making furniture, you will need to use Blueprints. Any Blueprints you receive are stored in your inventory, in the part indicated by the little bag with a star on it. (This is the same location as your Fates and Condensed Resin.) To understand the Blueprint, click the Blueprints tab and then the Use button.

There are also Teapot missions, which are signified by a teapot symbol at the upper right of your screen and reward you with furnishings and blueprints. Some tasks will require you to gather items from the outside world, while others will simply reward you for exploring your realm.


genshin impact accounts for sales the Serenitea Pot housing

Once you've obtained furniture and décor, you may put it by pressing the pointing hand button in the upper right corner of your screen. You can now put and rotate any of the collected decorations as you see fit.

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