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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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Hu tao Genshin Impact's Personal Story And Build


Name: Hu Tao

Titles: Fragrance in Thaw, 77th-Generation Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, Director Hu, “Versemonger of the Darkest Alleys” of Liyue Harbor

Constellation: Papilio Charontis

Vision: Pyro

Birthday: 15 July

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How to build Hu tao

Hu Tao follows in the footsteps of other powerful Pyro DPS heroes. However, be cautious when utilizing her because her talents deplete a portion of her HP each time they are utilized. Fortunately, she can heal herself with her Burst, thus the situation is balanced. Nonetheless, the lost HP might make it simple for a reckless player to lose a battle.

Her E skill, Guide to Afterlife, sacrifices a part of her HP to allow Hu Tao to enter the Paramita Papilio state. For the duration of the effect, she gains an ATK increase based on her maximum HP, and her attacks are infused with Pyro. Her Charged Attacks also grant the state Blood Blossom to opponents they strike. Keep in mind that her ATK boost cannot be more than four times her Base ATK (her ATK stat plus her weapon's ATK stat). This means that accumulating an excessive amount of HP is pointless.

A floral mark appears on the impacted targets. Enemies receive Pyro damage every 4 seconds while under its influence. That damage is referred to as Elemental Skill DMG. Blossoms last 8 seconds, but the Paramita Papilio condition lasts 9 seconds.

Spirit Soother, her Burst, delivers AoE Pyro DMG and heals her for every opponent she strikes. However, healing effects may only be activated up to 5 times, thus at least 5 foes should be present to get the greatest healing. Damage and HP regeneration are boosted if Hu Tao's HP is less than 50% when performing this talent.

Obtaining her second Ascension skill boosts her damage, even more, increasing her Pyro DMG by 33% when her HP is equal to or less than 50%. As a result, the four-set Crimson Witch artifact set is a suitable fit for her. You may also utilize a 4-set Shimenawa's Reminiscence, which is the second-best option. If you don't have any other options, the Noblesse or Berserker sets are also viable options.

Artifacts should prioritize the HP, Crit Rate, and Crit DMG numbers for enhanced damage. A Pyro DMG goblet or an Energy Recharge clock may also suffice, depending on your preferences. It's not suggested, but if you're low on HP, you can employ Millelith's 2-set effect. Of course, it all relies on your choices and the results of domain searches.

In terms of weaponry, the Staff of Homa is her finest option. It complements her talents and builds thanks to its passive benefit based on HP and Crit DMG as a substat. The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, Skyward Spine, Dragon's Bane, Deathmatch, and Black Tassel are other viable options.

The Life of Hu Tao

Hu Tao is a cheerful and lovely young girl, despite her work and position as the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. In fact, she's prone to mischief and other frivolities, which you wouldn't anticipate from someone who plans funerals.

She flits around like a butterfly, perplexing Liyue's residents with her peculiarities. She once treated the stone lions at the Ministry of Civil Affairs as though they were live beings. Hu Tao slapped their hands, gave them names like Mittens and Whiskers, and even washed them. Everyone who witnessed her act was perplexed and perplexed. The guards were also astounded, but this was largely owing to Hu Tao's habit of sneaking in at midnight to play with the lions.

She abruptly stopped appearing just when the guards and the general public had grown accustomed to her antics. The guards in charge of cleaning and maintaining the sculptures were keenly aware of her absence. They stood watch at the door for a while, waiting for a chance to question her about why she had stopped visiting.

When given the opportunity, Hu Tao merely replied that the lions are now adults and can take care of themselves. She excused herself afterward, saying she was late for a conversation on the meaning of life with a Statue of the Seven. When confronted with such a type of response, the guards could only send her on her way.

She'd been like this since she was a youngster. She read classic books while performing handstands as a three-year-old. Three years later, her caregivers discovered her sleeping in coffins rather than attending class. She moved inside the parlor at the age of eight to learn the necessary manners for funerals.

She conducted her first ceremony when she was thirteen years old. The undertakers and consultants were understandably apprehensive in the days running up to it. It was, however, unfounded concern, since Hu Tao arranged and handled the event to the greatest standards. She can still be spotted playing four-player card games by herself or otherwise enjoying herself in unusual ways.

Despite her eccentricities, she takes funerals seriously. It's also the only time you'll notice her melancholy side. Despite her eccentricities, she takes pleasure in her position and her work. She is constantly on the lookout for new strategies and possibilities to expand her business. When you think about it, it's a very sad situation. Nobody likes to talk about death, after all, but she isn't about to give up.

When she took over as director, the business stabilized as funerals were handled with sensitivity. Her attempts to honor the client's desires softened the locals' attitudes regarding funerals. She advises her undertakers to never impose their own views on clients, whether it's a noisy occasion or a calm service.

Death, for her, is a normal part of the life cycle. Funeral ceremonies allow the departed to die quietly. That's why she worked so hard to bury Qiqi, whom she believed only needed to die. She then realized what Qiqi had gone through and embraced the tiny zombie as an exception. However, the zombie's attitude toward Hu Tao has been tainted by first impressions, and all attempts to make amends have failed afterward.

Hu Tao, Director Hu of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, is more known as a poet. As the poem slips from her lips and the pen glide through paper, she walks the port and the nearby sights of Liyue. Her most renowned work is the poem 'Hilitune,' which has even reached the youngsters of Qingce Village.

Curious amateurs and expert critics flocked to the Wanwen Bookstore, expecting to unearth additional works by this famous poet. They returned home unhappy since Hu Tao's other anthologies had not yet been released. Xingqiu, ever the bookworm, wanted to meet her and so scheduled a meeting on a lucky day.

They got into an impromptu poetry duel in the center of the room. They exchanged poetic suggestions while Hu Tao responded to Xingqiu's formal and beautiful lines with a humorous and naughty one. Since then, they have met on occasion to write poetry or read books together. Later on, they included Chongyun in their get-togethers and their laughing echoes across the streets. If his voice lines regarding the other two are any clue, it's more at Chongyun's expense.

How She Acquired Her Vision

It all starts with her grandfather's funeral. His funeral was to be a magnificent occasion, organized by his granddaughter, Hu Tao, in accordance with his wishes. Despite being just thirteen, she managed to defy and exceed expectations by organizing everything flawlessly.

She departed Wuwang Hill quickly as the rituals concluded, carrying just a bag of meals and supplies and a means for making a light. She entered the 'beyond,' a space between the living and the dead. Its whereabouts has been kept hidden for decades by her family and the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

She had hoped to see her grandfather one final time before he passed away. However, he was not among the souls who stayed there. She waited for days, despite the spirits' warnings that she would never locate him. Her provisions ran out, and after she had exhausted them all, the soul of an elderly woman appeared to her.

The wise spirit spoke the words that eventually broke through Hu Tao's resistance. Why was she still there if none of the prior Wangsheng Directors had ever stayed in the afterlife? The ghost persuaded her to return home, and Hu Tao eventually came to her own conclusion. He had lived without regrets, so why would he want to stay in the afterlife?

She smiled as she walked back home. She went directly to her room to unpack after scaling the wall to her garden. With her food and water gone and her other belongings unpacked, she delved back inside her bag and discovered a Vision.

Hu Tao's display of emotion is more nuanced than that of other Pyro Vision users. There was no external stimulus to her obtaining a Vision because it wasn't evident when she did. Was it the fact that she entered the afterlife as a live being, or her will to remain and locate her grandfather? Hu Tao feels it is the former, but she is also enthusiastic about expanding her firm.

That's all there is to Hu Tao, the eccentric Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Her banner will be up for around two weeks, so don't miss out on her. Continue to enjoy Genshin Impact and keep an eye on this site for additional character profiles. Have a good time!

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