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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Genshin Impact Account Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away

Obtain the Treasure Mentioned by Chouji Guide - Genshin Impact


In principle, the Genshin Impact Chouji quest chain is easy, but it may have a few irritating flaws that prevent you from proceeding.

Keep track of Chouji even if you've acquired more Crystal Marrow than you ever wanted to see. If you read his narrative all the way to the conclusion, you'll discover a hidden accomplishment.

Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away

Chouji wants you to first gather 12 Crystal Marrow for him. Fortunately, Yashiori Island is abundant in Crystal Marrow, so you won't have to go far until you discover some. The picture below depicts a location near the mine where you may collect 12 (or more) Crystal Marrow.

genshin impact account chouji crystal marrow

Obtain the treasure mentioned by Chouji

Obtaining the wealth indicated by Chouji should be straightforward, but there are a few complications right now. Progress might be hacked in two ways, and there's no way of knowing which one would effect you.

The treasure may be found in Chouji, under a tree and a statue perched on the edge of a cliff. In most cases, you should be able to examine the area and locate the objects. If it glitches, you won't be able to explore and will have to wait until the server refreshes before trying again.

If you find the treasure, return to Chouji at the time specified in the mission description. Normally, you'll be dispatched to acquire additional Crystal Marrow and advance the mission. It may, however, totally restart the mission. You'll need to wait for the server to refresh in order for this to be resolved.

genshin impact account crystal marrow location

Share the dish you made with Chouji

ou'll need to prepare a new dish after you've found additional Crystal Marrow. Chouji offers you the recipe for imported fowl, which you most likely already have on hand.

2 Bird Eggs

2 Flour

3 Lavender Melon

4 Fowl

genshin impact account lavender melon location

If you don't have any Lavender Melon, you can pick some up near the mine.

Solve Chouji’s problem

The following step is also simple. Go to the shrine indicated on your map and summon an Electrogranum to break through the barrier.

Chouji's mission concludes when you return, but don't be too ready to leave the pint-sized con artist behind.

Chouji secret achievement

Speak with Chouji again on the following server refresh day. He'll needs 12 more Crystal Marrow before heading to Kannazuka Island.

Meet him in the location indicated below. This time, he wants nothing more than to talk. Speak to him before opening the Exquisite Chest behind him.

genshin impact account chouji secret achievement

Proceed to the northern Inazuma City waymarker. Pass the crafting station and proceed to the tiny shrine beyond the bridge. This time, Chouji appears with a Precious Chest. Speak with him, and he will eventually go on his quest, allowing you to obtain the Precious Chest and gain the secret achievement.

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