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The Crimson Witch, a Genshin Impact Story Knight


This is the narrative of a young woman who has lost everything and has resolved to burn all evil in the world. What happened, and why did she make this decision? Here is her narrative, as well as some speculation concerning her whereabouts.

The Artifact Set of the Crimson Witch of Flames

Complete the Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula Domain in Wuwang Hill to earn the CW set. The Witch's Flower of Blaze, Witch's Ever-Burning Plume, Witch's End Time, Witch's Heart Flames, and Witch's Scorching Hat are all part of it. As you can see, it's easy to tell them apart because they all have the possessive word Witch's in their names.

Its two-set effect boosts Pyro DMG by 15%. Increasing the number of pieces equipped to four will have a number of implications. For starters, it amplifies the damage of Pyro-related elemental reactions. Burning and Overloaded have a 40% damage bonus, whereas Melt and Vaporize only have a 15% bonus. The benefit of the 2-set effect will then be increased by half for each usage of the character's Elemental Skill. This equates to an additional 7.5 percent Pyro DMG bonus for each E skill utilized. It can stack up to three times (for a total of 22.5 percent) and lasts 10 seconds.

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Diluc is the Pyro user who can make the best use of the second effect. His E skill can be used three times in a row, giving him three stacks of the Pyro DMG bonus. Of course, he'd have to be in the infused state after his Burst to get the most out of it. As a result, he continuously deals Pyro DMG and makes use of that effect.

This is not to say that other Pyro users will not benefit from the set! This set increases the damage of all of them, even Bennett, who is primarily a support character. Giving him this gear would put him on par with Diluc in terms of DPS. Benny would still require a powerful weapon. In any case, this is the artifact set to have for any DPS Pyro character. Make use of the DMG boosts provided by elemental reactions!

The Crimson Lady

Her roots are unknown, although she lived in Mondstadt a few years before the disaster. She was a contemporary of Rostam and Arundolyn, and she loved to sing before falling in love with the former. Rostam loved her back, but she had to leave to Sumeru to study. Her lover handed her a clock (whether Hydro-infused or regular water-powered) to mark the time she is away before she departed.

The disaster occurred while she was studying in Sumeru. Monsters sprung from the ruins of the wrecked kingdom. Because these animals posed a threat to Mond, the Knights of Favonius embarked on an expedition to eliminate the source. They left the city nearly defenseless, and Barbatos awoke to defend his city. That resulted in a disaster years later at the beginning of the game, but it's best to play the game for that tale instead.

Returning to the mission, it eventually failed, and Rostam was killed while defending his companions. In his anguish, Arundolyn resigned as Grand Master, and the other warriors returned. When the young woman returned to Mond, she discovered her sweetheart had died.

In her anguish, grief, and overpowering sentiments of loss, she used her life's flames to fully transform into the Crimson Witch. Rumors circulated that liquid fire, rather than blood, flowed beneath her skin. The Witch utilized her newfound abilities to burn away all the monsters she faced, turning them all to ash. Despite the fact that she did not injure any humans, ordinary people got scared of her and avoided her at all costs. She became blind to the havoc she left in her path in her desire to cleanse the world of all demons.

Nothing pointed to her demise, albeit she could have burned to ashes in some remote spot. However, there is one widely held belief concerning her.

Worst-Case Scenario

The Pale Flame set implies that it is about Fatui Harbingers. The feather suggests that it is about Dottore, the crazy scientist depicted in the manga and discussed in-game. The mask belongs to Jester, the First of the Harbingers, and so on. The Stainless Bloom is the most intriguing.

Its plot revolves around a young woman who is approached by the Jester. Several crucial topics are raised during the conversation:

'She filled herself with fire,' said the young woman.

She desired to rid the world of 'distortion,' namely the 'ignorant gods' and the 'corruption of the Abyss.'

She had a 'corrupt past' and desired a'silver future.'

The last line of the description implies that she had already killed (innocent) people.

The first two are fascinating similarities to what happened to the CW. This caused many players to conclude that the Witch was still alive and working for the Tsaritsa. This is La Signora, the Eighth of the Harbingers, according to the most popular version of this belief. According to the description of Stainless Bloom, the maiden agreed to let "glacial ice take the place of [her] obliterated route and extinguish these immortal flames." She also affirmed that the Tsaritsa had the same objectives (see the second point).

The trailer for the game's 2.1 version fueled this hypothesis even more, as La Signora uses either Cryo or Pyro during her boss fight.

However, the last two elements appear to contradict the lore of the Crimson Witch. She was not corrupt in the least and incinerated solely the calamity's demons and monsters. The Witch burned for vengeance, with little regard for atonement or forgiveness. Furthermore, she had not murdered any humans; her flaming touch had only ever reached the nasty animals crawling out of the ruined realm.

The Elegy of the End (which also mentions Rostam and the Witch) stated that she "used her life's flame to purge the world's crookedness." In contrast, the Stainless Bloom 'infused herself with fire.' Okay, that's a bit of a stretch, but it can still go either way because the only difference between the two is the source.

The possibility that La Signora has a Cryo Vision and a Pyro Delusion is another reason against this theory. If the Crimson Witch became Signora, the inverse is more logical. This creates a new issue, as there is a trend of Vision bearers wielding Delusions. So yet, only two Delusion holders have been revealed, but the pattern can be seen elsewhere.

Fatui Skirmishers are classified into six types: Geo and Pyro Bracers, Hydro and Cryo Gunners, and Anemoboxer and Electrohammer Vanguards. When the Geo and Anemo elements are removed, there are four reactive elements. Hydro defeats Electro, Pyro defeats Pyro, Pyro defeats Cryo, and Cryo defeats Electro. These are the components that will deplete their shields faster than others.

There are two known hallucination users: a Hydro and a Pyro. The Hydro user has an Electro Delusion, and the Pyro user used to have one. A Pyro user would be awarded a Hydro Delusion instead of Cryo based on this pattern. Also, if we follow this pattern, Signora's Vision should be Cryo rather than Pyro.

However, these are just speculations that may be proven incorrect if more information from the game is published. Perhaps the Witch lacked Vision and was bestowed with both Vision and Delusion by the Tsaritsa. Only as the game develops will we learn the truth.

I hope you enjoyed the story and the rumor of the Crimson Witch! Keep a watch on this blog for more artifacts and item lore from Genshin Impact. Have fun and continue to appreciate Genshin!

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