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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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You'll gain riches after discovering several artifacts surrounding Liyue.


Players will meet Soraya in Genshin Impact's Guili Plains, who will assign them the mission "Treasure Lost, Treasure Found."

The majority of it, like the previous Genshin Impact tasks, is easy, with a navigation system that will inform you where to go. However, there are various aspects of this quest that do not immediately tell you where to go.

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Soraya may be discovered on the ruins' rim near the Domain of Forsaken Ruins. The first task will have you interacting with five stone tablets scattered across the ruins. Their approximate positions, denoted by white stars, are shown below:

genshin impact accounts for sales the Domain of Forsaken Ruins

Keep in mind that the ruins are filled with foes, so be prepared to kill any you come across.

You'll need to locate jade plates after completing a couple more quest-directed actions. The game will guide you to the first, but not the others. They are visible on the map and may be located in the following locations (1, 2, 3, 4).

Following that, you'll be taken to the last ruin (5), which is located in the center of the four jade plates. You may find it by clicking on the arrow below:

genshin impact accounts for sales guili plains

You must defeat three Ruin Guards. Following that, you'll receive a Luxurious Chest and two Precious Chests loaded with valuable prizes.

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