Updated: Mar 30

The Big Three - Full Tank Heal Dps S Tier

First on the list is Madiena - The Best Damage Dealer

She is a must-have Character that perfect fit for every type of content in the game.

She has the highest Magical Attack Stats. She can reduce enemy Ice attack resistances for units for three turns and deal with heavy magical damage. Her talents are not limited by this alone, and she can do so much more, which is the main reason why she is the top tier unit in the game

Her best ability is Flare which deals with the highest amount of damage to any single target regardless of its position in the area.

Not to mention another supporting ability that increases entire party speed for three turns. Her Limit Break is an instant cast AOE. Spells in this game need time to cast so you know what I’m talking about.

Engelbert - The Strongest Tank Physical damage dealer in War of the Visions.

Suitable contents are Guild Wars, Arena & End Game contents.

Engelbert's main strength lies in his ability to deal multiple physical damages to enemies. The lower his hp, the more damage he deals with.

His strongest ability is Saint Wall. He’s basically invincible to any physical damage.

The thing that makes Engelbert shinning is his counterattack: Fist Counter. Any melee damages done to him will result in a full physical damage counter to the attacker.

Ayaka - The Strongest Healer

Our last member of The Big Three will be Ayaka. Her job is a healer and she the best at it.

A must-have for End Game contents and handy at early game.

What she can do? She has an ability named Full-Life, which restores any party members to full health regardless of their hp. She can buff Stop Resistance, remove Stop De buff & increase the duration of available buffs.

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