Epic Seven Double 5* Moon Light Ruele Super Starter Reroll Account  2

Accounts information:

- Guarantee 1 x 5* Moon Light Ruele

- Guarantee 1 x 5* Random Moon Light

- Guarantee 1 x Random 5* Limited: 1 out of Cerise/Seaside Bellona/Diene/Luna/Dizzy/Baiken


Random 5* Limited Characters will prioritize Top Tier.


More Info:

- Additional Random 4~13 x 5* Normal Heroes

- Have 20~80 Gold Stones

- Have 5~20 Galaxy Bookmarks

- Have 3000~10000+ Stamina

- Have 3m~10m+ Golds

- Have 100-200 Leifs

- Have 1 Set of Level 75 Gears

- All Accounts are at Chapter 1-4 Global/Asia/EuServer/Japan
- SELECTIVE SUMMON available at 1-10.
- Name Already Set.
- Un-verified Stove Account - You can change Email & Password later.

- Work on all Devices - Android/Ios.


All Server. Select your server option before purchase.

[All Server] Epic Seven Double 5* Moon Light Ruele Super Starter 2

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