Global Seven Deadly Account Sins 7DS Starter Account Supreme Tier

Accounts information:

- Guarantee Red Derieri

- Guarantee New King Arthur

- Random 8~20 SSR

- Have 340~400+ Gems

- Have 15 x SSR Tickets

- Additional 15 x SR~ SSR Tickets

- Guarantee New King Arthur ~ 14 x 10 New King Arthur Tickets ( Expired on September 22)

- Work on All Devices

- Only Tutorial Done. Account Level 2.




Asia Seven Deadly Account Sins 7DS Starter Account Supreme Tier

Accounts information

- Guarantee Red Derieri 

- Random 8~20 SSR

- Have 450-550+ Gems

- Have 25~35 x SSR Tickets

- Additional 50~70 x SR~ SSR Tickets

- Work on All Devices

- Only Tutorial Done. Account Level 2.

[Global/Asia] Seven Deadly Sins 7DS Starter Account Supreme Tier

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    In the event we are unable to process your order, we are fully obliged to completely refund your order.

  • 100% legit & safe without a single fraud. There is no Hacked/Modded/Duped/Stolen/Cheap Top Up within SetsunaEpics' Accounts. 


    All accounts have been tested and proven to be legit with over 15000+ successful transactions.

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