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Shadowverse Legendary Tier Super Resource Fresh Starter Account

Accounts information:

Total Package:  1230+

- Have 30000+ Ruby

- Legendary Card Pack Tickets x 6

- Verdant Conflict Card Pack Tickets x 70

- Rebirth of Glory Card Pack Tickets x 77

- Steel Rebellion Card Pack Tickets x 79

- Alterphere Card Pack Tickets x 83

- Omen of the Ten Card Pack Tickets x 85 

- Brigade of the Sky Card Pack Tickets x 79

- Dawnbreak , Nightedge Card Pack Tickets x 69

- Chronogenesis Card Pack Tickets x 67

- Starforged Legends Card Pack Tickets x 46

- Wonderland Dreams Card Pack Tickets x 43

- Tempest of the Gods Card Pack Tickets x 56

- Rise of Bahamut Card Pack Tickets x 26

- Darkness Evolved Card Pack Tickets x 22

- Classic Card Pack Tickets x 60

- Challenge Tickets x 83 

- Grand Prix Tickets x 9

- Complete Seer Orb x 5

- Vial x 6000+

- Have All Limited Log in available.



Shadowverse Super Resource Fresh Starter Account

Accounts information:

Total Package: 850+

- Have 18000+ Ruby

- Vial x 4000+

- Have All Limited Log in available.

[Global] Shadowverse Legendary Tier Super Resource Starter Account

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    In the event we are unable to process your order, we are fully obliged to completely refund your order.

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    All accounts have been tested and proven to be legit with over 15000+ successful transactions.