Global Exos Heroes EH Fate Core Bathory Mythic Starter 2

Accounts information:

GOD Tier Fate Core Bathory

GOD Tier Fate Core Rera

GOD Tier Fate Core Uloom

GOD Tier Fate Core Iris

GOD Tier Fate Core Zeon

GOD Tier Fate Core Rudley

GOD Tier Fate Core Anastasia

0~1 x Gold FC

4 x Black FC


More Info:

- Additional 15000+ x 5* Fated Character

- Additional 20 x 5* Fated Character

- Selective Fated 5* Available

- Tutorial Done Only

- Account Level 1

- Can change Airship Name

- Work on All Platform. Android & IOS.



Buyers who own a Japan mobile phone is region restricted & cannot switch server. If you own an iPhone from Japan, you cannot log in to our products. VPN is required to change the server.

[Global] Starter Exos Heroes EH Account Fate Core Bathory Mythic Starter 2

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