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In the earliest industry experience back to 2017, SetsunaEpic is a world-leading service provider that allows for gamers to safely & secure buy and sell access to multiple different tittles specific in Mobile Gaming.

Before SetsunaEpic was created for the sole purpose of safely and secure transactions between buyers and sellers. We have commited ourselves to be industry-standard with overwhelmingly positive feedbacks on Vitual Goods trading.


We offer the best meta combination that is not available anywhere else in the market to ensure your satisfaction. Fresh starter accounts with the best characters, high in-game resources. Fastest release of most wanted games

Just like you, we, too, are gamers. So it is our duty and moral obligation to make sure you get what you want and look best among your fellow adventurers.



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Hours: Mon - Sun 10pm to 11:30am EST

Email: support@setsunaepic.com

Discord: SetsunaEpic#6279 (S&E Capital)


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