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seven knights 2 accounts for sale release

Seven Knights 2 Global Is Live. Pc Version Is Available


It's finally going to happen. After a lengthy wait, fans of Netmarble's Seven Knights 2 may celebrate since it will be released internationally next week. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2015's mobile RPG Seven Knights will be available for iOS and Android devices. So far, the original game has been popular, gaining a substantial player base since its first release in November 2020 - ranking one and second in revenue on the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

With the release date of Seven Knights 2 set for November 10, it's only natural to look ahead and see what to expect. In keeping with the original game, Netmarble's next release promises a cinematic RPG experience set 20 years after the original, with two hours of cutscenes. Of course, Seven Knights 2 would be incomplete without a roster of heroes for you to acquire. At launch, there are 46 heroes to choose from, each of them brings something unique to the table, so make sure you choose the appropriate hero for you.

As with any RPG, you can anticipate interesting fighting, and Seven Knights 2's may appeal to all you strategy lovers out there due to its real-time controls. Furthermore, in order to win, you must carefully pick your loadouts as well as build combinations and formations that provide you an advantage.

Seven Knights has received over 60 million downloads globally to date. Without a doubt, Netmarble is looking for a similar level of success with the long-awaited sequel. Visit the official website for Seven Knights 2 and its heroes for additional information.


The game was released on November 10. You may now get it through the Google Play App Store or the PC client.

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