How to acquire SetsunaEpic's Service

  1. Visit the Character Selective Websites
  2. Select your desire Characters/Units & Search. If there is no result, it's mean your selective not available. 
  3. If it is available, it will appear with a Game ID contains Images of Character/Units represent what inside that ID .Take a screenshot of that ID & Message via Live Support or SetsunaEpic media such as Discord: SetsunaEpic#6279 for price and furthur instructions.


Warning: DO NOT place an order in Character Selector Accounts Service. $1 is not the actual price. Character Selective Accounts must be consulted before buying!


Website - Global 


Accounts information:

- Guaranteed 800 ~ 1400 Orbs

- Work on All Devices

- Only Tutorial Done

[Global] Fire Emblem Heroes Accounts Character Selective Starter

  • Once Buyer & SetsunaEpic come to agreement with the account of Buyer choice, account Info/Details will be sent through the media Buyer contact SetsunaEpic such as Live Support/Discord/Skype & a copy will be sent to buyer Email.


    Whole Transaction & Delivery can taken from 30 minutes to  Maximum 24 Hours.


    If SetsunaEpic Fails to delivery, full refund will be issue.

  • 100% legit & safe without a single fraud. There is no Hacked/Modded/Duped/Stolen/Cheap Top Up within SetsunaEpic Accounts. 

    All accounts has been tested and proven to be legit with over 15000+ successful transactions.

At SetsunaEpic's Store, we offer the best quality for mobile game accounts to provide astounding experiences for gamer who seeking the true meaning of Gatcha Gaming. Our products have been proven to be legit with over 17000+ satisfied  & successful transactions since 2017.

Remember to buy premium in-game to support Game Developers!!!


Hours: 3am - 9pm EST |  12am -  7pm PST


Skype: live:moseiric

Discord Tag: SetsunaEpic#6279

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Facebook: @Setsunaepic

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