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Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Awaken Chaos Era 6 Beginner Tips


Six beginner tips for Awaken Chaos Era will be covered today. The best time to implement these strategies will be after the game has been launched to the public on a global scale, which is January 17th so you can avoid falling behind and make the most of your limited playing time.

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1# Use Your Normal Summons

Tip number 1 is to summon your mediocre crystals. Everyone wants advanced summoning since that's how you acquire the good stuff. However, these standard summons are also quite useful for obtaining food units.


You can click on this thing called quick promote and to promote all the low level characters and then we can go again and again to promote even further this way. And it actually does not take a crazy amount of time and resources and energy to actually summon those basic crystals and to promote all of your food units. It’s actually pretty fast.

2# Charms! They Are Good!

We have charms, crystals, glyphs, more charms and crystals, rings, and necklaces in the gold shop. These are trash. You can get these rings and necklaces, as well as the wood crystals, if you wish, but you don't have to. However, some charms will be pretty valuable, as you cannot upgrade your equip just with gold. You'll need extra equipment to feed it.

Because this is more like the epic seven system than the summoner's war system, you must enhance it with charms or other gear. So this is a great excellent approach to obtain various charms. It is straightforward to obtain these whenever you notice some in the gold shop for a reasonable price. Then you don't have to get the glyphs, but I suppose these are just easier to get, so you have to farm a little less of adventure mode for the glyphs.

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3# Don't Farm Gear First, Farm Glyphs!

Third recommendation. Farm glyphs first, then gear. If you go to farm equipment, you may or may not find something useful. If you prioritize glyphs over gear, you will receive whatever stat boosts you desire; this is a permanent fixed no rng stat increase. When you farm these glyphs, your attack increases by 80, and your crit rate increases by 1.5. The nice thing about glyphs is that they keep improving your crit rate until you fuse all of them and proceed to the next glyph level, after which you can farm gear.

4# Don't Forget To Dispatch

Tip number four. Ensure that your dispatches are always staffed with units. You can go here to dispatch your units, and after the end of the timers, you can come back to receive the rewards.

Make sure you constantly have these things up and running. These are free rewards. If you don't do these, you're missing out on a lot of freebies and resources.

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5# No Need To Farm EXP On Adventure

This next piece of advice is for some of you guys who are coming from other games where you have to upgrade your food units and bring them into an adventure scenario, campaign mode, or anything. In order to upgrade the food units, you must have one farmer unit and three food units accompanying it. You don't have to do that in this game.

You can do that from here, but it's actually more efficient to simply utilize all of your xp jellies and obtain this xp jelly from dungeons, so you don't have to run adventure mode to farm xp jelly, and you can just upgrade all of your food units. You can use that to upgrade your food monsters (for example, Ztlin) rather than the typical approach of mobile gacha RPGs of having one farmer unit and three other units that transport that farmer to enhance their xp jelly.

6# Your First 6 Stars

Tip number ten For your first six-star, I would recommend a damage dealing unit for the first Arcane Dominator Dungeons you want to tackle. So, for two reasons, I would recommend doing Roaring Tulpa first.

For starters, it's fairly simple; it provides you with some somewhat versatile stuff that you can use.  You can use the terra sets for your high-hp tanks, the raider sets for your quick support units, and the rage set for your damage dealer units. 

In addition, the game provides you with a really great dps unit. There are a lot of people who have been building Zachary. He's a pretty strong unit that the game just gives you at early. His element is fire. Thus he'll be great in Roaring Tulpa.

And then there's Connor. He is a good support unit.

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