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Updated: Feb 17, 2022





Ancestry is very important to the Dwarven people, and it has always been a matter of considerable note that Brand Forgeguard, the current king of the Mountain Kingdom, and his clan once served as guardsmen to the Moltenfires, the natural heirs to the throne – whether by strength in dwarven Fire Magic or nobility of birth. The dramatic decline in the Molten Clan’s fortunes can only be attributed to the period of deep instability that rocked the Mountain Kingdom around a century ago during which the Forgeguards, Brand in particular, rose to the occasion and thus proved themselves the better heirs of the kingship.

The politics of the crown do not rest easy on Brand’s head, a natural warrior who would prefer the battlefield than long meetings. The lifespan afforded the dwarves and decades of practice at kingship has helped to shape Brand into something of a statesman, however. Brand Forgeguard possesses at least that most essential characteristic of a good king – an appreciation for the needs of his people and determination to fight for the safety of the Kingdom.

Brand has proven himself to his people in the numerous struggles since, holding fast to the sacred charter established by their ancestors to safeguard the Rift from any and all incursions – including attacks from Soulplunder in more recent years.

Brand’s unquestioned authority over the Mountain Kingdom today has much to do with his enchanted suit of armor and axe – a relic left over from the days of the Titan and kept for millennia in the Forgeguard Clan Altar. The heirlooms had been enchanted long ago with a curse to block any would-be wearers except a true warrior in the Mountains Kingdom’s hour of need. Although many robbers or even valiant warriors have tried to equip the armor over the millennia, all had failed – some fatally. The darkest days of the Mountain Kingdom, when defeat at the hands of the Dark One and his demonic forces seemed all but certain, drove Brand to desperate solutions and to the Altar.

Brand approached, feeling the call of the axe. He knelt down, prayed for his ancestors’ blessings, and mounted the great handle. He found the axe utterly immovable, and yet a voice within asked him to keep trying. Eyes closed, prayers directed at his ancestors, Brand attempted to lift the handle with a strength that he did not realize he possessed. The Axe of Brilliance rose in his hands, and then the plate was likewise released from its spell. Brand had unlocked one of the most powerful ancient relics still in Aurelica today.

Thus, the Mountain Kingdom had obtained its “truest” ruler in many generations in some sense of the word – Brand the Brilliant, the Worthy Wielder and protector of the dwarven people.



  • NAME: Brand the Brilliant

  • FACTION: Titan Icelands

  • RARITY: Legendary

  • ELEMENT: Light

  • TYPE: Offense


  • Attack 1,014

  • Health 7,982

  • Defense 896