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Updated: Feb 3, 2022


BEST AWAKEN CHAOS ERA Siress Build And Guide



Siress is the twin sister of Santis tragically presumed dead after losing her footing over a cliff in the Thunder Valley during a botched attempt to rescue her sister, Santis, from a cell in which she was awaiting execution by the High Elven Court for the use of Dark magic. Santis believes her sister to be deceased, and has held both herself and the High Elves responsible. She is yet to realize that, far from dying, her sister was handily preserved by Dark elven magic and now works as one of their most secretive assassins.

A sorceress of nearly equal power to her sorceress of nearly equal power to her sister, Siress has become a living dagger wielded by the “Unholy Citadel” of the Dark Elven Council against their enemies, able to twist light at will to conceal herself and or destroy enemies in columns of ash and fire with her Moonwhip.

A strict code of silence prevents Siress from revealing her fate to her sister Santis, but she longs for the day where, as the head of the Unholy Citadel herself, she can finally launch an all-out attack against the High Elves, reveal herself to her sister, and take vengeance against their and her sister’s mistreatment.



  • NAME: Siress

  • FACTION: Sylvan Woodlands

  • RARITY: Legendary

  • ELEMENT: Fire

  • TYPE: Offense


  • Attack 1,315

  • Health 5,644

  • Defense 482

  • Speed 144

  • Crit. Rate 8%

  • Crit. Damage 150%

  • Focus 0%

  • Resistance 0%

  • Agility 5

  • Precision 100

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Chained Disable (Trait → Ascension)

Every (2 → 1) turn(s), this character’s abilities attack 1 extra