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To gain admission to the Domain, light up three pillars.


In Genshin Impact, the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula is a Domain that is first closed off by a riddle.

The puzzle may be found in the center of Luhua Pool in the Liyue area.

The Domain entrance sits under a big blue barrier, and in order to shatter it, you must employ a Pyro character to light up precise fire pillars. To ignite the pillars, you'll need Diluc, Amber, Bennett, or Xiangling.

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The pillars you must ignite are the three in front of the circle's highest structures, as shown below.

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When you activate these three, the rest of the lights will come on and the floor will open, allowing you to enter the Domain. Standing on the plate once you've reached the bottom will generate an air current, allowing you to quickly soar back up.

The Domain offers two exploration routes: Voyage to the Sanguine Sky and Travels of the Moonlit Venturer, both of which provide Primogems, EXP, Linyue Shrine of the Depths Keys, and other goods. Note that Adventurer Rank 30 is required to access Voyage to the Sanguine Sky and Adventurer Rank 35 is required to access Travels of the Moonlit Venturer.

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