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genshin impact accounts for sales Lingju Pass Geo puzzle

To access the Geo pillars, you must complete a number of tasks.


Lingju Pass, a location rich with water and ruins, may be found on the west side of Liyue by Genshin Impact players. Several pillars in the midst of Lingju Pass can be triggered using Geo powers.

The majority of the pillars are either out of reach or are obstructed by obstacles that must be unlocked by solving a challenge. Remember that you'll need a Geo character, such as Noelle, Ningguang, or a Geo-aware Traveler. You'll also need an Ameno character, such as Jean, Sucrose, Venti, or an Ameno-sensitive Traveler.

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The first Geo pillar may be found near the huge tree over the pond. To break through the barrier, you must run over all of the neighboring red blossoms in the ground. They'll detonate when they rise from their stance. After doing so, the barrier will be broken and you will be able to utilize Geo on the statues.

To the west lies the second Geo pillar. To break through the barrier, you must place weight on both of the neighboring round plates. You may accomplish this by utilizing Amber's talent, Bunny Baron. Place the rabbit on one circle and yourself on the other. You may also use this to position the glowing boulder on top of one of the platforms by utilizing the Traveler's Geo ability. When you accomplish this, the pillar will become available for activation.

The third Geo pillar lies to the east, directly opposite the second. To overcome the barrier, use an Ameno skill, either equipped by Venti or your Traveler, to activate the adjacent clover windmill.

The fourth Geo pillar is just up the stairs, across from the first, and does not require a puzzle to activate.

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After activating the four pillars, a storm of wind will blast from the middle of the region, allowing you to soar up to the final remaining Geo pillar.

As a reward for lighting all of the pillars, one Precious Chest and two Exquisite Chests will appear.

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