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Don't let yourself get trapped.


Genshin Impact players must eventually reach a world with a key-based puzzle after completing Hu Tao's Story Quest, "Yet the Butterfly Flutters Away."

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The domain will become available in the quest's second stage, "Perfect Send-Off," and you will be able to use Hu Tao within it. The dungeon focuses on using blue flames to light lanterns, allowing you to progress, as well as altering camera angles to line up symbols on a wall.

genshin impact accounts for sales hutao story quest puzzle solution

If you're having trouble aligning the symbols using multiple camera angles, try zooming in and out as well.

While the majority of the dungeon is rather simple, after the first few chambers, you'll meet a riddle that will keep looping you around in circles if you don't accomplish it right.

genshin impact accounts for sales hutao story quest puzzle solution blue flames

You'll ultimately come upon a chamber with a single blue flame and two lanterns. However, two blue flames are required to light the lanterns and advance.

  1. Take the blue flame, but stay away from the lights.

  2. After you've killed the spider on the left, continue down the path. The blue flame you obtained will trail you. After swimming through water and following the route, you'll be spat out in the room before the puzzle.

  3. Pick up a respawned second blue flame and walk up to the two lanterns to turn them on.

  4. If you activated a lantern with just one blue flame, you must continue the loop until you have two blue flames.

  5. All you have to do after passing through this door is race through the rest of the dungeon and watch some cutscenes.

Following this, a treasure box will appear, containing primogems and other delights, and the exit will become available.

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