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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

genshin impact account ayaka build

Ayaka is a new 5 star character in Genshin Impact 2.0.


She is a sword user with Cryo as her element, and with the correct build, she has the ability to do massive damage. Leveling her and developing her abilities depends largely interacting with Inazuma's new enemies and acquiring new field items, so you'll need to have the appropriate build for the Homeward Heron.

Ayaka's banner will remain about three weeks before being replaced by a new one featuring Yoimiya in mid-August.

The additional characters joining the Ayaka banner have yet to be formally revealed by miHoYo. However, leakers discovered information revealing the following three four-star personalities accompanying Ayaka:

Yanfei\ Ningguang\ Chongyun

These speculations should be regarded with caution until miHoYo releases official banner details.

Ayaka is a five-star character, thus even during the character banner, your chances of acquiring her are slim. The five-star character pity system ensures that you will receive a five-star character on your 90th Wish after 89 Wishes without receiving one. It's not a given that it'll be Ayaka.

Genshin Impact Ayaka Skills

Below are Ayaka’s skills and specials:

Kamisato Art: Hyouka (Ayaka Elemental Skill)

Launches opponents in an AoE Cryo assault

Kamisato Art: Senho (Ayaka Alternate Sprint)

  • Ayaka cloaks herself in fog, allowing her to walk on water.

  • When Ayaka returns, the fog inflicts Cryo on adjacent foes and converts regular, charged, and diving attacks into Cryo attacks.

Kamisato Art: Soumetsu (Ayaka Elemental Burst)

  • For five seconds, summons an ice storm that strikes opponents repeatedly and delivers Cryo damage. The blizzard explodes after five seconds, doing AoE Cryo damage.

Genshin Impact Ayaka passive skills

Fruits of Shinsa: When Ayaka creates weapon materials, she has a 10% chance of receiving double the product.

Amatsumi Kumitsumi Sanctification: For six seconds after using Hyouka, Ayaka's regular and charged attack damage increases by 30%.

Kanten Senmyou Blessing: After Senho's fog imparts Cryo to opponents, Ayaka gains 10 stamina and an 18% boost in Cryo damage for 10 seconds.

genshin impact account ayaka constellations

Genshin Impact Ayaka Constellations

Snowswept Sakura: When normal or charged attacks deal Cryo damage, there’s a 50% chance of reducing Hyouka’s cooldown by 0.3 seconds.

Blizzard Blade Seki no To: Soumetsu generates two additional frostflakes that each deal 20% of the original’s total damage.

Frostbloom Kamifubuki: Increases Soumetsu’s level by three

Ebb and Flow: Enemies damaged by Soumetsu’s frostflakes have defense reduced by 30% for six seconds

Blossom Cloud Irutsuiki: Increases Hyouka's level by three

Dance of Suigetsu: Every 10 seconds, Ayaka gains a buff that increases charged attack damage by 298%. After a charged strike connects with a foe, this resets after 0.5 seconds.

Genshin Impact Ayaka build

Ayaka's main skill is delivering Cryo damage. She does, however, have a poor rate of energy recovery. To capitalize on her capabilities, the perfect build will take both points into account.

genshin impact account inazuma update


The new Mistsplitter Reforged blade was most likely designed to be Ayaka's ideal weapon. It has significant damage, a boost in the user's critical hit rate, and Elemental damage increases under specific situations.

If you've had bad success with weapon Wishes, the forge-able Prototype Rancour is a good substitute.


Blizzard Strayer is an excellent match for Ayaka's Skill and Burst. The two-piece bonus boosts Cryo damage by 15%. If an opponent is infected with Cryo, the four-piece boost boosts Ayaka's critical rate by 20%, and by another 20% if that opponent is frozen.

Another nice option is the new five-star set Emblem of Severed Fate. Its two-piece bonus boosts Energy recharge by 20%, making it an excellent companion for Blizzard Strayer.

If you aren't quite ready to face Inazuma, read up on the best strategies to quickly improve your Adventure Rank.

Is Ayaka worth the effort?

There are lots of Cryo characters in Genshin Impact, but Ayaka is worth pulling for a several reasons. Her base attack is the same as Eula's, but Ayaka travels quicker and possesses an AoE Burst that does not rely on damage delivered to be effective. Her Alternate Sprint will most certainly come in helpful during her expedition of Inazuma.

That's all we know about Ayaka. In addition, Setsunaepic provides almost all the items and resources you need in the game. Here you can buy Genshin Impact account and starter account if you need a certain character, want to start the game strong, or just simply trying out new builds. We have you cover.

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