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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

genshin impact account guide

How to increase adventure rank quickly


Your Genshin Impact Adventure Rank dictates which tasks you may accept, including limited-time events, and soon becomes one of the game's most significant aspects.

Almost anything in the game will give you Adventure Rank XP.

A brief blurb will constantly appear telling you how much XP you earned from a job and how much you need to achieve the next level, and after you hit that level, you'll receive some useful prizes from the Adventurer's Guild.

As your rank rises, you'll have access to high-level resources that will help your team become even stronger, so it's worth the effort to gain more XP.

What does Adventure Rank do in Genshin Impact?

genshin impact account adventure rank

Adventure Rank essentially informs you what tasks and creatures you're prepared to face in Genshin Impact and often climbs in relation to your plot advancement. Higher rank requirements imply more tough creatures or tasks linked to later-game characters and story points.

Leveling up your Adventure Rank unlocks these tasks and allows you to participate in events like the Midsummer Island Adventure.

It does, however, allow you to boost the World Level at specific times.

Higher World Levels enhance boss levels and the quality of their drops, so you'll need to grind your Adventure Rank XP as well if you want to start Ascending your characters and their Talents.

Sort of. It's quite simple to increase your Adventure Rank just by playing the game, and it doesn't take any grinding until you reach level 60 or above.

How to Quickly Increase Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact

genshin impact account how to increase adventure rank

Completing quests is the quickest method to increase your Adventure Rank, and finishing your daily commissions is the most dependable way.

These become available at Adventure Rank 12, which you should reach around halfway through the prologue quests.

Each mission offers you 225 Adventure Rank XP when completed. Reporting all four to the Adventurer's Guild nets you 500 more Adventure Rank XP.

Aside from that, Archon Quests (major narrative quests) provide a significant amount of Adventure Rank XP. They are, however, the most restricted in quantity right now.

Story Quests, which appear in your quest diary beneath Archon Quests, and World Quests, such as the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest, provide various amounts of Adventure Rank XP.

Check the amount under the green symbol in the rewards section to discover how much Adventure Rank XP a quest earns you.

World Quests take longer to complete but provide greater prizes in addition to XP, such as level-up materials.

Domain and Boss Grinding for Adventure Rank XP

genshin impact account domains and bosses

This is significant since confronting Domains and bosses is another dependable method to get Adventure Rank XP quickly in Genshin Impact.

Completing a Domain might give you between 250 and 500 XP. The ones with better benefits, on the other hand, are generally sealed behind level gates, Adventure Rank gates, or both.

Bosses like the Primo Geovishap and Cryo Hypostasis, on the other hand, are not.

You can challenge them several times each day, but you must spend Original Resin to obtain their prizes.

Their level rises as your Adventure Rank and World Level rise, so keep up with your party's level to have a chance.

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