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genshin impact accounts for sale Shimenawa Reminiscence

Genshin Impact Lore: Shimenawa’s Reminiscence


Shimenawa's Reminiscence is a popular artifact set among players, thanks to its tremendous benefits and intriguing backstory. The collection provides some background information about Asase Hibiki, a powerful character in Inazuma. She was a Shrine Maiden of Seirai before traveling to Narukami to study under Kitsune Saiguu. The set depicts her life as well as her "death."

Shimenawa's Reminiscence - Character Builds and Suggestions

Shimenawa's Reminiscence is represented through artifacts relating to the Yougou Shrine. It is made up of the following parts:

A flower-shaped omamori that has been handmade.

A demon-slaying arrow's feather

A bell with a paper-decorated clock

A slide cylinder that tells fortunes.

A fox mask used in rituals.

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Like the Gladiator set, the set's 2-piece bonus improves the character's ATK by 18%. The 4-piece bonus is more complicated than a basic ATK boost. Normal and Charged Attacks take 50% more damage for 10 seconds when the player has at least 15 Energy and utilizes their Elemental Skill. The effect drains 15 Energy from the character, therefore it's required for it to work.

It does not stack, and you cannot proc the effect again within 10 seconds to extend it. The effect is most effective for DPS characters that often utilize Normal and Charged Attacks. Characters that can quickly charge up their Bursts are a good fit for this set, while it is not a requirement. Ganyu, Keqing, Hu Tao, Ningguang, and Yanfei are a few instances.

Because the 2-set effect is a general ATK increase, some players combine it with Gladiator's 2-set bonus for a total ATK boost of 36%. Everything is dependent on the build you desire. Just be sure you boost Crit as well because it is the ideal stat to aim for if you want to enhance your damage.

Reminiscences of Shimenawa Lore

The Beginnings of the Shrine Maiden

When she was younger, Asase Hibiki self-described as a "country bumpkin." She was a Shrine Maiden of the Asase Shrine in Seirai, and she travelled to the temple on Mt. Yougou to study under Kitsune Saiguu.

Despite the fact that she couldn't understand Lady Saiguu's comments, she began to like the elderly lady. She met and fell in love with 'Konbumaru,' who was Takamine the Mistsplitter, at this period. He taught her how to use a bow as a result of their mutual desire. They also made a legally binding commitment together, although we don't know what that was.

She had a calm existence. Takamine rose through the ranks of the Raiden Shogunate, marrying a high-ranking samurai's daughter despite his feelings for Hibiki. His marriage, on the other hand, had no effect on his wanderlust.

Cataclysm is a term used to describe a natural disaster.

Even though Inazuma was separated from the rest of Teyvat by an ocean, it wasn't enough to keep the Cataclysm from wreaking havoc. Takamine followed Baal and the Oni Chiyo on their trip into the abyss as a devoted Hatamoto. Takamine offered Hibiki his bow, the Thundering Pulse, as part of a wager and vow before going on the expedition.

It did not end well, as have earlier journeys to the abyss. Chiyo slew a 'beast of sin,' but was corrupted and ended up assaulting Baal. Her family was shamed as a result of this. Takamine was likewise taken aback when the Mistsplitter failed during the never-ending conflicts. There may have been a happy conclusion if he had his bow. His bet did not pay off, though.

Back on the mainland, the Kitsune Saiguu vanished while attempting to clean up the land's corruption. Her demise was mysterious since it was unknown if she was corrupted or just vanished once she ran out of power. This left Hibiki alone, and she took over as Head Priestess of the Sakura Shrine from the Kitsune Saiguu.

Years later, a corrupted entity appeared at the promised meeting location. Hibiki, who was old and in mourning over what had transpired, fired an arrow from the bow he had gotten so long ago. In a show of pity, it stabbed the beast and killed it. One promise was met, while the other could never be maintained.

Retirement of Hibiki

Hibiki retired to the Seirai Asase Shrine. They guarded the shrine with the help of a pirate captain and his crew. She told him stories of lost loves and her desire to go around the world one day.

Seirai and the pirates, on the other hand, rebelled against the Shogunate, and Hibiki elected to aid them. She breached the island's barrier, releasing Balethunder and a powerful storm that blasted the Shogunate's ships away. Regrettably, it also blew Ako Domeki's (the pirate captain) ships to the Golden Apple Archipelago. Asase Hibiki was obliterated in the explosion, and she hasn't been seen since.

This left Seirai Island in the same state it was in until the Traveler was able to reseal the wards.

Suspicions Regarding Her Fate

It's easy to imagine she's still alive someplace because of the mystery of her final destiny and Neko's steadfast belief. Other words might be used to describe it.

The Crimson Witch, who became Signora of the Fatui Harbingers, is one point of similarity. The history of the item was ambiguous in describing an end, but we did finally meet her. Kitsune Saiguu, on the other hand, has vanished. Though she appeared as 'Kazari' in a quest, she was only a fragment and seemed to believe of herself as independent from the Kitsune Saiguu.

Although it is strongly indicated, 'disappearance' does not have to signify 'death.' Will Neko's dreams come true, or will they be dashed? It might go either way, at least until additional information is obtained.

The narrative of Asase Hibiki crosses with that of the Mikoshi clan and Kitsune Saiguu. She wielded the Hamayumi, the Thundering Pulse's descendant. Takamine, the Mistsplitter's original owner, was her lover. In turn, those people's tales intertwine, forming a complex web that is Inazuma's history.

This is really appropriate for the Nation of Eternity, as these myths and legends immortalize their activities, allowing them to make their mark on eternity.

Let's keep enjoying Genshin Impact's narrative and adventure!

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