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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

genshin impact account 2.1 tatara  tales guide

Tatara Tales Quest In Genshin Impact. A Complete Guide


The Genshin Impact Tatara Tales mission is a lengthy one that allows you to repair the Mikage Forge while also earning a substantial number of Primogems and Mora over the course of a week.

That's correct. Tatara Tales adds a new stage every real-world day, thus you won't be able to complete it any time soon. However, the benefits are well worth the wait.

Tatara Tales Day 1

You've already begun the Tatara Tales quest if you've obtained the Shakkei Pavilion Domain.

If not, go to the Tatarasuna region's Kujou Encampment area. It is located to the west of the Violet Court Domain. When you arrive, approach the guard who is arguing with a shrine maiden to begin the mission.

Priority Investigation

Your first objective is to locate Xavier. As with other missions in Genshin Impact, there is a sign indicating the scholar's location in southern Tatarasuna. Travel there and talk to him about starting your new career.

Go to the three new quest marks to set beacons per Xavier's instruction, then return to complete this level. You'll be rewarded with Mora and Primogems for your efforts, but the journey isn't over yet.

Speak with Xavier once more to begin the following stage. Use three Kamujima Cannons to demolish the obstacles he specified, then report back and brace yourself for a fight, as Fatui opponents will emerge once you talk with Xavier.

Return to Mikage Furnace. Your map shows the right location (again). Take a shot with Genshin's photo mode rather than the Kamera device, then return to Xavier for another set of prizes.

Purification Device (Tatara Tales Day 2)

The quest's next phase will need you to wait until the server reset time. This one is considerably easier: get three Crystal Marrow.

Crystal Marrow Location

genshin impact account crystal marrow location

Crystal Marrow is simple to locate, and you won't have to go far to obtain it. There are many deposits on Yashiori Island, but there are also a few nodes in western Tatarasuna.

Go back to Xavier after you've mined the marrow. You've gotten another cash boost and 20 Primogems for your efforts today.

Data Collection (Tatara Tales Day 3)

Wait for the server to update one more before speaking with Xavier. It's time to collect the three beacons and the data they collected.

Genshin will remark all three places, and you will get the normal Mora and Primogem awards for your efforts.

Process is Everything (Tatara Tales Day 4)

genshin impact account take a picture of the situation

You must now capture additional photos for Xavier, but they must fulfill certain angle criteria. Proceed to the first location and use Genshin's picture mode to image the Furnace's storage devices. This one's angle is a little hard, so we've presented it below.

The second is simpler. Make your way to the task marker and defeat the foes there. Simply position your shot such that the forge is behind your figure.

Return to Xavier and retrieve your Mora and Primogems.

Functional Test (Tatara Tales Day 5)

The fifth day's mission is another one for collecting items. You must find three Onikabuto and give them to Xavier.

Onikabuto location

genshin impact account onikabuto location

Onikabuta are dispersed around Inazuma, but the three quest Onikabuto may be found in Tatarasuna. The map below illustrates where you should look.

Final Preparations (Tatara Tales Day 6)

It is now time to restore several critical pathways. Follow the quest marks to get the planks you need for the work, then the new markings to repair each passage.

All are well indicated, however, you'll face a slew of foes along the route.

Return to Xavier and wait a day more.

The Final Act (Tatara Tales Day 7)

Tatara Stories The Last Act is a long adventure in and of itself. Chat with Xavier as normal, then proceed to the furnace and speak with him once more.

Then you'll look for the missing pieces. The search regions are vast, but the components you require are highlighted with a bright light and are easily visible.

Continue the quest by venturing into the depths of the furnace and activating the purifying apparatus. Defend it from the Fatui foes who arrive, and have at least one Electro and Pyro character on hand to cope with the threat.

Climb to the top of the furnace and report the quest to put an end to this.

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