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genshin impact accounts for sales venti hidden island

To complete the task, you must solve a sundial problem.


A mission in Genshin Impact emerges only once you reach on a certain unmarked island.

"Time and the Wind" will appear for anybody who travels to the island in eastern Mondstadt. When you arrive, you'll need to solve a riddle to finish the objective.

You'll need an Anemo character, so make sure your Traveler is attuned to the correct element if you don't have any other Ameno characters.

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genshin impact accounts for sales hidden island

Because the island is remote from land, gamers will be unable to swim there. Amber may be used to fly from the top of Starsnatch Cliff to reach there. Because the island is rather far away, you'll need more energy than you started with. Amber has a passive ability that reduces stamina use when gliding. You may also consume delicacies like Northern Smoked Chicken to refuel while flying.

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Players may also utilize Cryo characters such as Kaeya to freeze the ocean and go across to the island, albeit this takes a long time depending on the character.

genshin impact accounts for sales kaeya freeze


When you arrive, you should go to the eastern half of an island. There will be a stone structure near a tiny campground that you may break apart to obtain notes about the island, which will advance the mission.

Skip forward to 2 a.m. in-game after interacting with the sundial. Find a Wind Cluster using Elemental Sight and perform an Ameno ability on it. As a result, the cluster will shatter, sending three parts throughout the island. You'll need to utilize Elemental Sight to discover them and an Ameno skill to employ on them after you've found them. It's worth noting that you can only discover these clusters in game between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m.

An air current will arise, allowing you to follow the Eye of the Storm to another sundial. To continue with the mission, speak with the nearest NPC and interact with the camp behind him.

To discover Wind Clusters, you'll need to adjust the in-game time to 2 a.m. and utilize Elemental Sight. This time, they'll be directly around the sundial. To get rid of them, use Ameno abilities. Another wind deposit will arise for you to blast with Ameno, resulting in the reappearance of the Eye of the Storm. Kill it to complete the objective.

genshin impact accounts for sales solving the puzzle quest in hidden island

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