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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

genshin impact account discord is full

Genshin Impact Discord Server Is Full


I was aware that Genshin Impact was a popular game. I also knew it had a large number of active and hungry players who couldn't get enough of the free-to-play online RPG. But I had no clue it was so popular that it was straining Discord's servers and prompting the developers to launch a second server for everyone.

Genshin Impact's official Discord server just surpassed 800,000 users. But, with that achievement, came a problem: it appears that this is the maximum for a Discord server (or, at the very least, it is as high as the guys at miHoYo want to go). So, on July 28, the official Genshin Impact Twitter account announced the opening of a second Discord server.

The “Genshin Impact Tavern” is the name of the new server. This second server has nearly surpassed 140k users as of today. At this rate, the creators may need to launch a third Discord server or persuade the people operating Discord to grant them additional room for users looking for a place to hang out with other Genshin gamers in the future.

Over the previous several years, Discord's popularity has skyrocketed. During the continuing covid-19 epidemic, many gamers have moved to Discord to stay in touch with friends and family. Similarly, online games on different platforms have experienced significant increases in active players over the last year or two as individuals attempted to stay at home and safe amid pandemic-related lockdowns throughout the world.

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